Friday, March 18, 2016


We gave Kezia the van for the day and Conrad drove me to school. He had switched his day off to be off today instead of his usual Thursday.

I snatched up an appointment with the neurologist to discuss the results of the MRI and it was the perfect day to get the appointment because Kaden's coaches were really hoping that we would be able to get Kaden for tonight's game. With having the afternoon off after my appointment at 1:00 going out to get Kaden would be possible.

Outside the neurologist's office:

I have been feeling so good lately that when I got the letter for the MRI appointment I really considered (briefly) not to take it. It's probably good that I did.

The neurologist said that the MRI revealed that it is something but might not be anything. The MRI results revealed some "white spots" but they were tiny so they may not be anything to be concerned about. I also have something that showed up on my spine which *could* be a sign of an infection but it was minimal which means it could be what's left of an infection that has started healing so that might be why I'm feeling better.  He wants me to have some blood work done this week and then the neurologist wants me to have another MRI in 6 months....

I'm trying hard not to panic but to be STILL and know that He is God and that whatever it is, or isn't, will be revealed.

After the appointment, Conrad and I drove for 2 hours to go get our son for the rematch of Game 2 of the city finals. (We must love that guy!)

Kaden told us a story about how friends of his friends thought he looked like a movie star. He asked me to snap chat this to ask for opinions:

After all his stories were told, he was able to catch a quick nap on the long ride back to the game:

I sent Kezia good wishes for the last show:

and she sent me this from back stage:

We made it in time for Kaden's evening game and it was a nail biter when Kaden's team was in the lead 2-1. 

Unfortunately the other team was off side when they scored a goal to tie it up and the ref didn't call it. With 41 seconds left in the game, the net for Kaden's team got knocked off and the other team scored and they counted it to end the game at a 3-2 loss. That was not the result the team was hoping for and to lose like that was so hard. 

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