Monday, March 28, 2016

It's some-bunny's birthday

Happy Easter! It was an extra special day today not only to remember and celebrate the Resurrection of Christ but also this girl turns 19 today:

I always knew that one day I would not be able to spend Kiandra's birthday with her but I never imagined it would be so soon. Thankfully, we were able to Facetime her for a bit and also see that she was being celebrated out there too.

This greeted her in the morning:

and then the team surprised her with a cake at church in the afternoon:

and then she had her favourite (pizza) for supper with pink decorations. (She'll have to wait for pepperoni pizza until she gets home because they don't have it there.

We knew she'd be in bed by the time her official time of birth came but we sent her this wish anyway as she officially turned 19:

Yikes. 19. Where does the time go? How did we become the parents of a globetrotting adult? What adventures will the coming year bring for Kiandra??

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