Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's the little things...

When you wake up to hear of a terrorist attack just 6 hours away from where your daughter currently lives it doesn't give you a good feeling. Thinking of her travelling through airports and subways before she comes home....it's hard not to let your mind go to the "what ifs".

And yet...today we finalized some plans for Kiandra's friend to join her on a sightseeing tour before she comes home. We cannot let fear dominate our thoughts and our actions. Even though every fibre of me just wants to get her home (now!) I have to trust that God is placing her exactly where she needs to be and that my wishes and desires for her may not be what God has in store for her life.

So...I choose not to be afraid but to take joy in the little things:

Like Kaden snap chatting me from my classroom while I was at yearbook in the computer lab to let me know he had arrived at school:

Like me agreeing to let Kaden cash in on one of his Slurpee (we treat him to one for each goal he gets) and then telling him only if I can come in with him....and watching his face turn to shock because it was pyjama day today!

Like texting Kezia who is working hard to catch up on missed tests and assignments from last week's musical week and bringing her a Slurpee too:

Like Kiandra finally having regular access to wifi again and being able to FaceTime her when I got home. 

It's the little things that I want to appreciate because those little things are the big things.

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