Thursday, March 3, 2016

I'm more of an inside kind of girl...

...and my friends know it.

My friend Janice told me about this awesome throw pillow she had seen at chapters that was totally me. I thought about getting it after she told me about it and when I finally got around to tracking it down there were only 3 left in all of Canada....and they were all in Edmonton.

Two weekends ago, my friend Sheri posted on Facebook that she had flown out to help her sister shop for a wedding EDMONTON! I quickly messaged her and asked her if she happened to be in the area if she would check out the chapters to find the pillow she didn't end up finding it at the one location that said they had it. She said she'd get her family to try and find it....and they did and they mail it to her and she gave it to me!

It's so me:

A perfect surprise for the day my class did NOT win the outdoor s'mores party for "I love to Read" month. It was also our school's family fun night of outdoor activities which I managed to spend most of the time inside visiting. I did sneak out to take some photos and I did watch the fireworks:

But I was happy to head back in when the fireworks were finished. I stopped at IKEA on the way home and used a grade 1 gift card gift to buy the insert for the throw pillow and I think it looks perfect:

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