Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mud Love Bracelet

A few weeks ago, right after I had chosen the word "still" as my word for 2016, an instagram account that I recently started following was promoting an adoption fundraiser to bring home two boys that they are adding to their family through adoption. The fundraiser was the dance to purchase a bracelet from a company called mud love  and they could be ordered with one of the words already selected or custom made to any word that you wanted. I texted my Sister-in-law to ask if she wanted to split the shipping and order one too. My "word of the year" bracelet arrived in the mail today!  Not only is it going to be a good reminder of my word but it was part of a fundraiser to help this family adopt.

My Sister-in-law ordered "soar." and I kind of wish I had added the period after my word as well. :)

I'm excited to wear my bracelet as a reminder this year. I'm STILL learning, STILL growing, STILL becoming who God wants me to be.

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