Monday, February 22, 2016


Hello Monday!
Hello last full week of February.
Hello school year half over.

Hello long snap chat message from Kiandra to start my day:

Hello ride to school in the sunlight.
Hello lugging the euphonium back to school
Hello music festival this week.

Hello another week with Kiandra in France.
Hello reminders of France everywhere.
Hello Eiffel tower scarf:

and bonjour shirt:

Hello missing her.

Hello afternoon sub plan made.
Hello another website meeting at our other campus.
Hello friends from the other school.
Hello productive afternoon.
Hello friends from the other school.
Hello being home at 4:05pm

Hello menu plan from last week:

Hello menu plan for this week:

Hello invitation for Kaden to skate at the outdoor rink
Hello Kezia as the chauffeur
Hello twitter deal

Hello Kezia as the shopper:

Hello supper for 4 around the table
Hello lunches made for tomorrow
Hello phone calls to Apple about the phone that can't be fixed.

Hello Monday.

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