Friday, February 12, 2016

Full Friday

Conrad and Kaden were on the road early this morning for an out of town hockey tournament.

Usually I go along but with Kiandra being away and Kezia also having a soccer tournament, I decided to stay home to be with her. I did get regular update from Conrad about Kaden's games:

Like this penalty:

and their first chance at a win that was shattered by a great third period for the other team:

and this outcome from the second game of the day:

On the home front, Kezia had the day off school (report card pick up day) and so she worked on homework. She also had the urge to to tidy the kitchen and the bathroom and she sent me before and after snapchats of her efforts:

It was Valentine's day party day at school at my grade 1 friends were flying high with excitement. One of my students did not enjoy our movie and treat party when she got sick all over the floor. *yikes!* Thankfully it was almost the end of the day anyway and hopefully no one else catches it. There were valentine surprises for me and these are the valentines I gave to my students. (Perfect for all the allergies we have at school!)

I did some things after school and then drove to pick up Kezia from school. (She didn't have classes but she still had musical (crew) from 3:45-6:30. 

Kezia and her friend drove me home and then went to youth group at our church. I had a quiet evening at home watching PVR'd Grey's Anatomy: 

and eating this:

and then, feeling energetic (and realizing Naan bread had twice the number of calories that I thought it did!) I went for my second run this week:

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