Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday 5

Five Techie things I am loving right now:

Kiandra set this up in my phone before she left. On Monday when I heard that she had arrived then I asked her to send me the street address so that I could look it up on google maps and "see" where she was going to be living for the next 3 months. She told me to just use the app to find out where she I did. How cool to see exactly where she was!

Truthfully, I don't really understand snap chat. Why would I take a picture just to know it will disappear??!! But, my kids love snap chat and being on snap chat gives me a chance to view their stories and peek into their daily lives. Now that Kiandra is away and our time difference is about 7 hours I wake up each morning with a "snap" or 2 or 3! waiting for me on my phone. I can glimpse what her day has been like so far. Against snap chat etiquette I often screen shot my kids' snaps so that I can look at them again. :)

3. Facetime

How awesome it was to be able to talk live to Kiandra on Monday as she adjusted to the time change and was awake at 3:00 am during our evening. It was fun to get a tour of her room, hear her voice, and know that she was settling in nicely. 

With Kiandra out of the country and her phone plan being from here at home, I thought we would just have to email each other instead of texting. I'm so thankful for this app that allows us to still text, send photos and videos, and get instant notifications just like regular texting. As long as Kiandra is on wifi I can text her just like I would if she were at home. 

5. Blogger

I've been using blogger to record our family journal for years. Kiandra, knowing that she would have a pretty adventurous start to 2016 decided to start her own photo a day blog. What a treat it has been to see her daily photos as she records her every day moments. (You can check out her photo blog here)

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