Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, Kaden's team is back to full strength with no injuries or suspensions.
Unfortunately, it means less playing time for Kaden since there are 18 guys on the team.

Fortunately, I had my phone camera up and ready to go as Kaden scored the 4th goal of the game.
Unfortunately, I had my setting on photo and not video and just got this:

Fortunately, Kaden had a few other chances.
Unfortunately, his didn't score on all the other chances I did get on video.

Fortunately, lots of Kaden's teammates did get a chance to score during this game.
Unfortunately, 12 goals might seems like overkill!

Fortunately, not all of the 12 goals were scored by the same few people.
Unfortunately, the other team was slaughtered with a final score 12-4.

Fortunately, it was a pretty clean game.
Unfortunately, they let the time run at the end and Kaden got even less playing time.

Fortunately, the game ended in time for Kaden to come home and shower before the Mexico meeting.
Unfortunately, he missed church.

Fortunately, I was able to FaceTime Kiandra this afternoon.
Unfortunately, when she sees this she is going to say "Why did you post this picture of me right after a shower?!"

Fortunately, after my phone died we were able to continue the conversation on Conrad's phone.
Unfortunately, his phone had a mishap this afternoon and cracked. :(

Fortunately, it still works.
Unfortunately, the "warranty" we bought requires a $200 deductible which means it would be cheaper just to fix it on our own. 

Fortunately, this has been a great busy weekend.
Unfortunately, it is coming quickly to an end. 

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