Sunday, January 31, 2016

And she's off...

This morning we had a cinnamon bun breakfast with Conrad's parents:

and some sparkling apple pomegranate juice...

...made in France:

There was some morning silliness:

Some last minute goodbyes:

and then it was time to go. Kiandra was dressed and ready to go. She received this gorgeous necklace from her friend Kara as she "branches out" to new adventures:

She checked in:

We took some pictures:

and then it was time to let her go...

She ended up having a 2 hour delay and left our airport at the time she was scheduled to arrive in Chicago. Her second flight was delayed too and I may or may not have been refreshing the repeatedly all day.

This was a sad sight this evening:

I fell asleep soon after I watched show her flight leave Chicago after a delay of almost 2 hours!

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