Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Leap day
Hello last Monday in February.
Hello report cards coming up.
Hello 3 students away and assessments to be done.
Hello please be here tomorrow 

Hello 28 days of healthier eating:
Hello clothes feeling looser.
Hello colourful lunches:

Hello new grade 1 stereo without an earphone jack???
Hello plans made to return it.
Hello awesome company on the ride to return it.
Hello big check mark off the to-do list.

Hello another week of meal planning:

Hello Kezia in charge of supper.
Hello not at all her favourite thing.
Hello stress.

Hello Monday deal.
Hello text to Conrad.
Hello Conrad grocery shopping
Hello not at all his favourite thing.
Hello stress.

Hello knowing our strengths. 
Hello complimentary gifts.
Hello Monday.
Hello new week.
Hello good things.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Things I've learned in the last 4 weeks:

It was 4 weeks ago that Kiandra boarded a plane and set off on an adventure far away from home. Here are some things I have learned since she left:

1. Kiandra was the official "mail getter". When we started getting our mail to a group mailbox instead of right to our door, the kids (or so I thought) were always bringing in the mail. It turns out that it was only Kiandra. No one checked the mail for almost a week after she left and even when we realized that Kiandra usually checked it we still haven't gotten into a routine of checking it very often. 

2. Ice cream lasts so much longer in the house now. ;)

3. Princeton needs someone to bug him. Who knew that all the pestering and cuddling that Kiandra showered on him actually made him more calm. He craves attention now and will often be caught doing naughty things just to get us to notice him. 

4. It's quieter in the house. Kiandra takes after me....that whole apple-tree thing...and we have really noticed her absence. It's such a treat to FaceTime her and hear her voice

5. Speaking of FaceTime ...I have learned what a blessing it is to have the technology that we do. I've been able to communicate with Kiandra multiple times a day and hear what she has been up to. I honestly can't imagine not knowing how she is doing and it would make this experience so much harder for this mom. 

6. Things we have done for Kiandra as parents have been recognized and appreciated. What a blessing to hear Kiandra tell us that she understands why we did things and she wants to raise her future kids the same way she was raised. 

7. Snapchat may seem pointless but what an awesome way to see snapshots of Kiandra's day. The time change means that I wake up to many glimpses of Kiandra's day even before I begin mine. I'm so glad that Conrad and I have entered the snap chat world. We can connect to our kids where they are.

8. My prayer life has changed. To let Kiandra go was so hard but I knew this would be a great opportunity for her. I think I have always prayed for her and that she would be safe but now to really relinquish her into the unknown steps up that prayer. My prayer that God will reveal His plan for her life and that He will show her how to use her gifts and talents to honour Him have taken on a new level since she is totally immersed in a new family life, a new country, and a new language. I still pray for her future husband...but now it's that she won't find him out there and move away forever! ;)

9. I'm so proud of her. I've always known it but these last 4 weeks have magnified it. Her confidence, her willingness to take leadership roles, her growing independence, her positive attitude...and the list goes on and on. I wouldn't have imagined this and I think this experience will impact the rest of her life for the better. 

10. I miss her. We watched the Amazing Race without her last week. It seemed wrong but it will be completely over by the time she returns. A table for 4 seems odd. The voting enumerator person came around and asked for all the members of our household to register and she won't be here for the election vote but I registered her anyway. She will turn 19 without celebrating with a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake. It just feels like a piece is missing. 

11. It's ok to let go. There are, and were, many times when I didn't know how I was going to let her go. I didn't know if I could and I certainly didn't want to. I've always joked that we built her bedroom an ensuite in the basement so she'd never leave and I was only half joking. I like having my kids close by. I like knowing where they are, who they are with, and talking to them face to face. I've learned in the last 4 weeks that even though I would like Kiandra to be under the same roof that this adventure is so worth anything she could have experienced here at home. I've also learned I can survive without too many tears. I cracked the moment she left. I cried during that first FaceTime from her layover. I had happy tears when I knew she had arrived safely. I've had waves of slight sadness since then but not nearly what I thought I would. Our children are not ours. This has been preached to me so much in the last few weeks. Even today, when I was listening to the message at church, the speaker was saying how the Great Commission was to go out and make disciples of the world. You can't make disciples if you don't go out past your comfort zone...whether that be down the street or across the ocean in France. I'm letting go and it's hard but maybe these three months are in preparation for something bigger. Kezia has been hinting that maybe going somewhere far away is in her future and Kaden always talks about some day living in Vancouver. Maybe this experience is to get me ready to let go for a longer time and/or my other kids too. *sigh* That's a hard thought to swallow.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

First playoff game

The playoff season began today for Kaden's team. They finished in 2nd  place for the regular season in their age group. It's a double knock out playoff and so each game they win moves them closer to  the finals and a loss puts them on the "B side" a loss on the "B side" means the end of your season.

Kaden's team was looking pretty good during the warm up:

and the game began with some shots on goal for both teams. On Kaden's first shift, he scored the first goal of the game!

Followed shortly after by a second scored by his teammate.

By the end of the first, the score was 3-0:

The second period was a bit nail biting as the other team closed the gap quickly to make it 3-2.

Thankfully, Kaden's team pulled it together and scored a few more goals to make it a victorious first game of the playoffs:

Friday, February 26, 2016

Date Night

After 24 days of carefully watching calories and hopping on the treadmill, tonight's date night was a also a cheat meal for me. I was excited to visit one of my favourite places:

I had sliders and fried pickles.


Date night concluded with Conrad falling asleep early and I got to catch up on PVR'd Grey's...which ended with a *ack!* 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

On the run

Conrad at ball hockey,
Kaden down for the night fighting a cold,
Kezia babysitting,

and me on the treadmill.

Total time and distance after walking and running and watching the Biggest Loser finale on the PVR:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

100 day

In Grade 1, we celebrate everything! You have to admit that reaching 100 days (and being over half way finished the school year) is a little bit exciting!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wing Night

Kezia has been working at Smitty's for just about 3 months now. They must like what she is doing because she has even been training some of the new workers. At a meeting with her manager, Kezia was asked to set some goals. One of the goals Kezia made was to become more familiar with the menu since she is still relatively new. Since Kezia often works during wing night, and yesterday was a rare day that she wasn't, she suggested that we go out for wings for supper...and so we did. I'm watching my calories lately (and I don't like wings--except boneless ones)so I had a half club house and a fruit cup. The rest of the family tried a variety of 49 cent wings and were quite fond of the flavours they chose:
It was a good supper and it was nice for Kezia to work at this goal but it was a bit strange to us to go out as a family of 4...

Monday, February 22, 2016


Hello Monday!
Hello last full week of February.
Hello school year half over.

Hello long snap chat message from Kiandra to start my day:

Hello ride to school in the sunlight.
Hello lugging the euphonium back to school
Hello music festival this week.

Hello another week with Kiandra in France.
Hello reminders of France everywhere.
Hello Eiffel tower scarf:

and bonjour shirt:

Hello missing her.

Hello afternoon sub plan made.
Hello another website meeting at our other campus.
Hello friends from the other school.
Hello productive afternoon.
Hello friends from the other school.
Hello being home at 4:05pm

Hello menu plan from last week:

Hello menu plan for this week:

Hello invitation for Kaden to skate at the outdoor rink
Hello Kezia as the chauffeur
Hello twitter deal

Hello Kezia as the shopper:

Hello supper for 4 around the table
Hello lunches made for tomorrow
Hello phone calls to Apple about the phone that can't be fixed.

Hello Monday.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Last game of the regular season...

Kaden and his buddy Lucas went to watch a competitors team play on Thursday night. If they lost, it would mean that statistically Kaden's team would finish in second place for the regular season. They lost. So, today's game was merely a formality since Kaden's team was firmly in 2nd....and it was a good thing since Kaden's team ended up losing 6-1 :(

Playoffs begin next week...Hopefully they play a little better than they did today!

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Kezia worked from 11:00-4:00 and then had a soccer game at 4:45.

Their team is down 3 players who left last week for a 3 month exchange program to Spain. They will miss the last few games of the indoor season and the first couple games of the outdoor season. Kezia's team worked hard to make sure their absence was not going to affect their team. A girl from Kezia's team who usually doesn't score scored the first goal of the game.

Then Kezia's team got a penalty kick almost right in front of the other net and they scored on that chance too! The other team had a few chances to even out the score including this penalty kick on Kezia's team:

But they couldn't quite take advantage of their opportunities and they final score ended up being 2-0.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Date Night at Home

It has been a busy week. Conrad didn't get his usual Thursday off since one of the guys in on holidays. It was winter carnival this morning for school and it was exhausting to be outside all morning and then still have the rest of the day to teach. We decided that instead of going out like we usually do on Friday nights we opted to stay in.

Conrad brought home pizza on his way home from work:

and then we watched "Gravity":

I love date night no matter what we do....

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Registered for next year...

It's hard to believe that a year ago we were shopping for high schools for Kaden and now he is choosing courses for grade 10. Kaden's high school offers the IB program starting in grade 10 and Kaden thought about entering it, then changed his mind, and now has decided that he is going to do  it. It will mean a heavier course load but I think it will be good for Kaden. He has decided to take Spanish instead of French and he will also add volleyball academy, band, jazz band, and electronics to his core subjects in his schedule for next year.

Kezia registered online for her last year of high school *gulp*. She already has a scwackload of credits because of her additional classes in choir and musical each year. She is still planning to take a full load including biology, chemistry, and psychology. She had a tough time choosing between Western Civ and French for her last elective choice because she still is not entirely sure what she wants to do after high school and she wants to keep every option open. She will have a pretty tough load with English and Calculus also on her plate. I can't believe this is the last time that Kezia will register for high school courses!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How does this even happen?

You know it just might be one of those days when you find your calendar upside down on the smart board this morning....

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