Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Events

Kiandra spent the night in a tent at the Young Adult winter camp out *gasp* (Just when I thought she was the one child of mine that I could bond with over our dislike of camping!)

Kiandra and her friend Kara on the bus ride home:

Kaden had a hockey game out of town and logistics of getting Kiandra from church after the retreat and Kezia to work meant that this was one of the few games of the season that I would not be in the of course...Kaden scored his first hat trick since age 7&8 hockey!

Conrad sent me these pics:

and Kaden's efforts earned him the "hardest working player" hard hat to keep for the week!

Then it was off to our final family gathering of the season with Conrad's side of the family. Conrad's parents liked the calendar (and Smitty's gift cards) that we got them:

We played some games: 

and ate really good food!

Kezia missed the gathering because of work and had to bus home:

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