Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jamberry Nails

I got a few sheets of Jamberry nails for Christmas and I put these ones on on Christmas day.

They look pretty good for being on for almost 2 weeks but I wanted to change them up today. Here's one of Conrad's selections:

Just a side note about the scarf that I'm wearing...
When we were in New York this summer, I saw this scarf at one of the gift shops. It has big uppercase letters with the names of some of NY's famous places such as "Queens", "The Bronx", "Brooklyn", "Manhattan", etc. I do love scarves but didn't buy it. After we left New York, I regretted not buying it. What I didn't know was that Conrad had sneakily bought it and hid it to surprise me for Christmas....and I would have been so surprised...if I wouldn't have found it when I was unpacking our stuff after the trip. :) I wasn't even looking for it and I found it! Conrad did make me wait until Christmas to wear it and I was so happy he decided to surprise me.

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