Sunday, January 31, 2016

And she's off...

This morning we had a cinnamon bun breakfast with Conrad's parents:

and some sparkling apple pomegranate juice...

...made in France:

There was some morning silliness:

Some last minute goodbyes:

and then it was time to go. Kiandra was dressed and ready to go. She received this gorgeous necklace from her friend Kara as she "branches out" to new adventures:

She checked in:

We took some pictures:

and then it was time to let her go...

She ended up having a 2 hour delay and left our airport at the time she was scheduled to arrive in Chicago. Her second flight was delayed too and I may or may not have been refreshing the repeatedly all day.

This was a sad sight this evening:

I fell asleep soon after I watched show her flight leave Chicago after a delay of almost 2 hours!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy 17th Birthday Kezia!

It 's hard to believe that Kezia is 17 today! The day started with crossing one of the last things on Kiandra's to do list before she leaves tomorrow: filming this video...thankfully it was actually pretty warm outside:

Kezia had crew from 10-2 and Kiandra worked from 11-3 and then they went to get their nails done:

Kezia's favourite Chinese Food place was on vacation but her second choice turned out pretty good:

We had her traditional ice cream cake for dessert:

and we gave her money to spend on clothes and this S'well bottle from my Sister-in-Law's shop:

It was a good day to turn 17!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Night Date Night

Visiting an old favourite...Applebees. Fun Fact: "Applebees" was one of Kezia's first clear words she ever said. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016


It was the first day of exams for Kezia today. She has a pretty light course load this semester and only 2 exams. She ended up writing them both today and will now have the next week (and tomorrow!) off. Here's a little treat that I left for Kezia before she left for school:

Kiandra got her own encouragement package as she prepares for leaving. I found the monogrammed laptop case at Dollarama and I picked up some snacks for the trip. 

We also got her a memory card as part of her goodbye gift and this French mini dictionary. (She was trying to avoid the paparazzi mom)

Kaden will get this tomorrow as he begins his first high school exams:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kaden's first high school band concert

It was a band concert kind of date night tonight:

It was Kaden's first band concert and our first band concert experience at this school. They had some cool effects like this "star" light show when they played a song about space:

Kaden plays in the Grade 9&10 Jazz band:

and the Grade 9 Concert band:

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Surprising Kiandra at work

Conrad and I ended up having an empty house for the evening. Kiandra was working. Kezia went babysitting. Kaden got an unexpected invite to the hockey game. With Kiandra leaving in a few days, we decided to go out for supper and visit her at work:

Paparazzi Mom strikes again...

Conrad's parents had popped by for an early supper with friends and were still there when we arrived and so they stayed with us while we ate. It was good to catch up with Conrad's parents and to sneak some pictures of Kiandra at work before she leaves.

Kiandra is very well liked at her job so they are giving her the time off when she goes to France. Kiandra just needs to let them know when she is free to work again and they will add her back to the schedule. Already coworkers and regulars are telling her how much she will be missed. They have no idea....

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello new week
Hello driving Kaden to school
Hello sub in my class
Hello neurologist consultation appointment

Hello no new news
Hello waiting on the MRI appointment
Hello long waiting list
Hello being still and knowing that He is God

Hello errands
Hello stop at home
Hello making homemade pizza for supper
Hello Kiandra's favourite meals for the entire week before she leaves:

Hello cuddle bug

Hello chance to pick up Kezia from school
Hello Starbucks stop:

Hello picking up Kaden from school.
Hello coming home
Hello pizza baking 
Hello supper

Hello testing out skype accounts:

Hello secret seven sisters plan
Hello difficult Kiandra
Hello plan finally working
Hello kidnapping Kiandra for a surprise goodbye party
Hello escape room challenge
Hello good friends 

Hello hair cut for the boy
Hello "no pictures mom!":

Hello before:

Hello after:

Hello Monday!

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