Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Season of Life

The busy-ness of today reminded me of what an awesome season I am in with my kids. Today Kiandra snapped this:

because she decided to use her one free day this week to come and volunteer in my Grade 1 classroom. She completed all my portfolios and got a ton of stuff ready to send home with my class. They were, of course, thrilled that she had come and were excited to show off all the things in our classroom such as our cards that we are selling for MCC:

After school, Kaden snap chatted this photo as they waited for me to be ready to head into our busy afternoon and evening of activities:

I treated Kiandra and Kaden to supper at Taco Del Mar:

and then I dropped Kaden off for hockey photos at the arena before his practice. I picked Kezia up at her after school baby-sitting job and took her out to McDonalds for supper and Kiandra and I got dessert:

Then we dropped Kezia off at soccer practice which is right next door to the arena where Kaden was starting his practice at the EXACT SAME TIME. 

Conrad did the pick ups at 8:00 for Kaden and then walked over to wait for Kezia to be done at 9:00 and then Kiandra and I did some grocery shopping before heading home. It's a crazy busy life and I LOVE it. 

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