Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You would think...

...that leaving for school at 6:48 to be at the 7:30am volleyball practice before school would mean that you would not have a 7:30-9:30pm practice...

...but that would be wrong. Ahhh the glamourous life of a Volleyball Mom!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Volleyball Win!

The JV boys teamed did very well this afternoon! They came back to win the first set 25-23. Kaden was on the court for set 2 where they again came from behind to win 25-23.

The coaches agreed to a 3rd set (even though with 2 wins the best of 3 result was determined) and Kaden's team again came from behind to win 25-17.

And when I thought it was finally over and we could go home for supper they decided to play one more and it didn't surprise me that this game went into extra playing time and ended with a final score of 29-27. What a nail biter! I'm proud of Kaden's team for working hard to come back from the wrong side of the score.

Monday, September 28, 2015

October Dress Project

For the third year in a row, I plan to wear the same dress for the entire month of October. This has become a tradition with some of the teachers at my school and a fun way to look at things in our closets. Here is the blog from the last two years and this is the dress I plan to use this year:

Anyone joining in this year?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chop! Chop!

My awesome husband cut 230+ pieces of wood for my Grade 1 Thanksgiving block project at school. He really does rock!

Then he cut 46+ other pieces which will become a nativity set in December. I think this is the warmest it has been when Conrad has cut blocks for my two projects!

So blessed and lucky to have this guy!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hi ho, Hi ho's off to work she goes.

I picked Kiandra up from her day shift as hostess:

an hour and a half later she left for her evening shift as busser:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Good things

*Leaving at 7:00am for the 7:30 volleyball practice means no after school practice today!

*Arriving to a quiet school:

*and no line at the photo copier:

*a texting chat with a great friend who is always there for me


*this picture texted to me after Kiandra received her official engraved name tag:

*arriving home from school in the day light

*sending the kids off to youth in the van

*Conrad arriving home from work early

*Conrad having the chance to go to the football game with his brother

*Having the house to myself for the evening after a busy week 

*PVR'd Grey's Anatomy

*Free Food Network preview

*hearing about youth adventures before falling asleep

So many good things today. Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

13 things I did today:

1. Enjoyed a lovely drive to school with Kaden. "High school Kaden" is much more talkative than "Middle school" Kaden. I'm sure enjoying his stories and learning about how much he is loving his choice to attend this school.

2. Wore a green school shirt to school to match all my other teacher peeps.

3. Hosted all the students from our other campus for our annual Terry Fox Run.

4. Ran around the neighbourhood with 300+ students and staff and didn't lose anyone!

5. At lunch in the gym with my students and 5 other classes.

6. Hosted the other class of grade 1 students for an afternoon of storybooks and math games. (43 students and 2 teachers in my classroom!)

7. Attended the first staff meeting of the year.

8. Filled in my 7th PSP form to signal the official documentation of my 7th year of teaching grade 1.

9. Was shocked our staff meeting actually ended on time.

10. Stayed at school late for the 4th time because Kaden had volleyball practice. (At least today was the 5:30-7:30 practice instead of 7:30-9:30)

11. Got this text from Kezia.

12. Arrived home and shortly after that Kiandra called and so I picked her up from work.

13. Was asleep when Conrad arrived home from his first floor hockey night of the new season.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Today, the 4th Wednesday of September, is the See You At the Pole event at schools. Students are encouraged to pray around their school flag pole for their school, teachers, and friends. I had actually forgotten about the event but this morning Kezia left early to meet at her high school's flag pole to pray with 10 others. Two years ago it was just 3 students. What an encouragement to hear that more students came out this year.

Even though I teach at a private Christian school, I still felt it would be a great exercise to take my Grade 1 friends out to pray around our school flag pole:

We cannot take for granted the ability to pray in and around and for our school publicly. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Junior Varsity volleyball regular season begins!

and after 8 practices...the regular season begins!

(Kaden missed an out of town tournament while he was on the church retreat but it didn't stop him from playing the first and third set this evening)

What fun to watch Kaden joining his new teammates and playing hard to win!

The first game was a tight match up and ended up in a 25-22 win for Kaden's team.

Kaden had a few chances to serve:

They won the second set too by a wider margin and then decided to play a third game for fun (since it was a best of three) and that game ended 25-7 for Kaden's team.

A great start to the season!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hello Monday

Hello Monday.
Hello new start to another busy week.
Hello routines being taught.
Hello practice to get it right.

Hello another late volleyball practice for Kaden
Hello tired mom and chauffeur to all these practices.

Hello rest of the family at 8:30pm
Hello picking up Kiandra from her evening class.
Hello new text book and code and getting down to homework:

Hello Grad mixbook that Kiandra created arriving in the mail:

Hello new menu board to keep us on track for all that food in the freezer:

Hello Monday.
Hello lots of good stuff.
Hello awesome life.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fall decorating

I was just mentioning to a friend on facebook that Fall is my favourite decorating season. Here are some glimpses of Fall around our house right now:

Kitchen table:

Stairwell to the basement:

side table in basement rec room:

open shelves in basement rec room:

and other side:

fireplace mantel:

front door:

I love Fall!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good Things

Sun shining
Sunroof open
Second date night in a row

Found movie gift card
War Room Movie
A full theatre for a prayer based movie plot

Frozen yogurt
Nutella and Reese Peanut butter cup flavours
A husband who will pose for photos

Friday, September 18, 2015

Date Night!

With all 3 kids away on the youth retreat, Conrad and I enjoyed a night out...

going for wings....

...stopping at Home Depot (one of our favourite date night spots, lol!) to buy a tub surround for the rental house:

...and ending the evening with gelati:

Thursday, September 17, 2015


So... a few weeks ago, we had a frank discussion with our kids about the expectations we had for them after high school. For Kiandra, this was something that we should have discussed earlier but she took it quite well and let us help her draft a resume and cover letter to hand out to 9 businesses in one afternoon. Although Kiandra had already secured an afternoon babysitting job for twins in kindergarten a few times a month earlier in the summer, Conrad and I felt that with a part-time university schedule and 3 full weekdays free to work that she should seek out a "real" job. This would give her some great work experience and provide a more suitable reference for future employment also. Not to mention a great source of income too.

The next day of handing out resumes, Kiandra received an interview for a bussing job and even though she thought she was actually hired, the manager of the restaurant told her after her first training shift that they would be evaluating her and then would decide if they would keep her by the end of her third shift. Within the week, two additional places from her nine applications had called her but she told them she had a job already. After Kiandra's second shift at the bussing job it was almost a week before she heard from them again. Conrad and I told her that maybe she wasn't a good fit and so they weren't calling her back. When another restaurant called for a hostess job, Kiandra decided to interview and accept because she still hadn't heard back from the other restaurant.

The day after she accepted, the first place called back and told her that they would like her to work for them and that she would be added to the schedule the following week....but those were the days she had committed to the hostess job. Kiandra wasn't sure they'd actually want her back after refusing a week's schedule. However,  they called today to say that they really wanted her and wanted to know her availability for the next week. This evening, Kiandra also worked at her hostess job and said that she enjoys this job too for different reasons. Keeping her options open, Kiandra has decided that for now she will keep both jobs and hopefully make the scheduling work.

Conrad and I both told Kiandra how hard it was to get a job. We tried to tell her that at her age and with no experience it might be difficult for someone to hire her. Kiandra told us she was going to get a few job offers after she handed out her resumes....and she did.

I snuck this pic of her at work at her hostess job this evening as I waited to pick her up.

Now this high school graduate has a full schedule. She has two evening math classes, one Tuesday/Thursday stats class, one distance ed chemistry class, one bussing job, one hostess job, one after school babysitting job, and she has volunteered to be a youth leader for the Grade 7 girls at our church on Friday nights. 

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