Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday 13

13 things we did today:

1. drove the blue van to leave at the church for Kiandra and Kezia to drive home after the day camp BBQ.

2. Picked up our new counters for the rental house.

3. picked up Booster juice smoothies with a bogo coupon for lunch

4. Looked back at the progress in the rec room:




5. opened paint cans 11 and 12:

6. Conrad installed proboard in the kitchen and living room to start on the flooring downstairs.

7. I tackled my first of eight Ikea kitchen cabinets.

8. We spent 2 hours working in adjoining rooms:

9. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't attach the door onto the hinge until I looked up a youtube video and realized I had installed the hinge upside down on the cupboard.

10. I took off the hinge and installed it the right way!

11. I started putting together my second cabinet and Conrad patched the floor.

12. We finally packed it in for the day at 8:30.

13. We stopped for a late supper (and realized we didn't even stop for lunch!) at Pita Pit. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home Depot Date

After a full day of working at the rental house, I went and volunteered for my last day camp supper. This is the last week of the girls' three week commitment as LITs and their last Wednesday-Thursday sleepover. With all the kids busy for the night...Conrad and I planned a working date night and went to our usual (as of late) spot:

We picked up more paint (!) and I spent the evening painting my last coat in 2 rooms and Conrad finished putting down all the flooring upstairs. When the flooring was finished, Conrad removed the drapes in the livingroom so I didn't have to paint around them and then we finally stopped working at 11:30pm. We sure know how to party on date night! ;) 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Never ending painting






How is it that an 1100 square foot house feels so big when you're painting??!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Road Trip

Today my friend Janice drove with me to drop Kaden off at camp. We were on the road by 7:00 (I almost had us on the road at 6:00am because I thought registration started an hour earlier...thankfully I caught it before we left!)

After dropping Kaden off we kept going south for a little day trip to the States. My main reason for going was because I had placed a school order from Mardel and had to pick it up but it was also fun to do some other shopping and eating too. I snapped this for Kezia:

Her favourite Pizza Ranch item!

We had a great time visiting and shopping and we were home around 10:30. While we were gone, Conrad was busy working at the house and he sent me this photo update:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Running...for perogies!

or make that BECAUSE of perogies! Today, I crossed a restaurant I'd like to try off my restaurant bucket list when we went to a Mennonite museum to have their lunch buffet:

Wow! All you can eat cottage cheese perogies, zwieback, salads, farmer's sausage, ham, and two types of squares for  dessert. We went with Conrad's parents and Kezia and Kaden--Kiandra was at a sleepover and missed out.

after that rather ummm...large lunch...I thought I'd better go for a run in the evening. So I ran 4 miles...and slowly moved my '50 miles this summer' ticker over. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shades of Grey

are taking over the rental house! Covering up these green and gold walls in the living room:

grey floor patch on the floor upstairs:

and I painted just one section of the wall in the rec room with a bit of paint I had left on my roller:

It's coming together!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday 5

Five Favs:

1. Good Host Iced Tea. The unofficial drink of Summer at our house.

It is the perfect card making accessory for making owls for my 6th (??!!) batch of 'welcome to Grade 1' cards that will be mailed out in the coming weeks!

3. Playmobil Hands down my favourite toy for kids. It doesn't come out too often at our house but every once in awhile--like when Kezia double books two babysitting jobs in the same night not realizing that Kiandra already has plans. She ended up having to host 7 kids here instead of their respective houses. So the playmobil was a great activity for the kids to do.

4. Thrift Stores. My girls and I have spent some time perusing the stores this week and it's been fun to try on some things we'd never actually buy. So far we haven't found much for back to school yet but we're hoping to make our rounds and hit some great bargains. 

5. Diva Cup. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you already know that it's a favourite thing of mine. I've been using mine for years and I still love it. 

What are some of your top favourite things?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday 13

13 errands we did today:

1. Conrad enjoyed a second day off in a row (He'll miss his Thursday in a few weeks and so yesterday was the make up day for that) and took Kaden out for breakfast.

2. Did some banking. Deposits, transfers, and balance checking.

3. We went to Ikea to pick up our corner lazy susan that was on backorder and all of the cabinet legs that were also on backorder.

4. We combined our total value of receipts to cash in on Ikea's kitchen event sale and received this:

5. We all had doctor's appointments. We learned Kezia is 5'7 and Kiandra and Kaden are exactly the same height: 5'5. The doctor predicted that Kaden will grow 6 inches in the next year....Kaden is hoping he's right. Conrad has his doubts.

6. Kiandra had blood drawn. She is more brave than I am.

7. We renewed my drvier's license.

8. We renewed Kiandra's driver's license. (It's hard to believe she's been driving for over 9 months already!)

9. We renewed our annual heath insurance for trips to the US.

10. We ate take-out pizza for supper and Kiandra picked it up.

11. Kezia deep cleaned her room.

12. The garbage and recycling went out at both houses in anticipation of garbage day tomorrow...kind of cool they are on the same garbage day cycle.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All in a day

Kade mowed the lawn

Kezia and Conrad worked on the rental house renovation:

I baked a Strawberry Pie

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