Monday, June 30, 2014

A painting I will go...

Hi my name is Pamela (Hi Pamela) and I am a work-aholic. Today, I went to school. It's the first day of Summer vacay and I went to school. I've been wanted to paint my classroom almost as long as I've been in this room. It's hard to tell from these photos but the "white" walls are actually a "minty" blue. Since the boys are still camping and the girls were at LIT training for day camp, it seemed like a great day to get started on this job.

My room looked this like when I arrived this morning:

Since most of the walls are brick, I had to cut in all the grout lines before using a took almost all day...

I started at 9:30 and by 4:00, my room looked like this:

and I would have had to stop anyway because I ran out of grey paint! 

The grey is actually a bit darker than I had anticipated. I hope it looks good when I'm done because I'm not redoing it! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boys Camping Trip - Girls Stay-cation

Conrad finished the flooring update this week in HIS camper. (See the "During" Phase here) and here's the "After":

This afternoon, Conrad and Kaden left for a Boys-Only camping trip:

and the girls stayed home!

Actually, Kezia would have loved to go but the girls have LIT training starting tomorrow. First we went out for lunch:

Then we did some shopping and ended our shopping with a stop at Costco:

Where Kiandra decided to spend some of her set money on her own camera. 

Oh yeah ...and we stopped for Slurpees even though it was cold and rainy.

Then we watched chick flicks and ate snacks. I LOVE not camping!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Marks and on your mark...

Well, this year was a highly successful year for my kids. All three reached academic goals that they didn't expect. After earning an "Honours" award for the last 5 terms (average of 80% and no course mark lower than 75%) Kaden earned his first "Excellence" award (average of 90% with no course marks lower than 85%) this final term in Grade 7. I was most pleased with his exam marks because it was his first time writing exams in 4 subjects...4 days in a row but he did awesome. (Even on the afternoon that he played video games before his Science exam and still got 90% on that exam!) His highest mark was math and he finished with a 95% final mark.

Kezia had a very successful first year of high school by her clean up of awards last night. She was probably very close to having the highest mark in her other subjects as well because her overall average for the year was over 95%. Kezia's dedication to her course work is admirable and she really takes her course work seriously. Her highest mark this term was in Musical Theatre where she earned at 97%. I had to laugh at Kezia's final math mark because she says she is so bad at math...I think there are many people, including myself!, who would like to be this bad at math:

Kiandra also had a successful year. Her highest mark was in Musical Theatre:

and even though she wasn't awarded an "Academic Excellence" award on Thursday, she did have an average of 83% in her subjects. The only thing I can think of is that they may have the same criteria that our school has and she may not be able to have any subject lower than 75% and her mean parents made her take Bio as an elective and it was her lowest mark (69%) by far. Kiandra was kind of bummed she didn't earn the highest subject mark in Drama because her second term report was 98% but it seems like from the comments that her teacher penalized her for her time on set when she missed a month of classes. Still, a final mark of 94% in that course is still something to be extremely proud of. Another thing to be proud of is this:

Kiandra needs 3o credits to graduate. She has 31 already with the completion of this year! She is still short her Grade 12 English, Math, and gym credit but she has all the elective requirements satisfied! She could have an easy year next year but she still wants to take most of the same classes (band, jazz band, choir, musical, drama, the play) and so she will end up graduating with almost 10 extra credits!

My kids have worked hard this year. They have earned a restful summer. I plan to run this summer. I have set a goal to run or walk 50 miles this summer. Totally not unachievable but it will require some dedication to achieve it. Today, I got on the treadmill for the first time in months and it took me over 40 minutes to run 5K! I would like to get that to be closer to 30 minutes again by the end of the summer. I've added a mile ticker to my sidebar to keep me accountable. On my mark...get set...go!

Friday, June 27, 2014

We're 'OWL' finished this school year...

Today was the last day of my fifth (??!!) year of teaching Grade 1. I have now been teaching for as long as I was in university classes to finish my degree. I know this seems to be a theme lately on my blog but wow...does time fly by!

Today was a sad day...the last day always is. I was already in tears before the bell rang at 8:50. At least I had a fun shirt to wear:

In addition to the regular last day sadness, the knowledge that today was also the last day with my friend Janice just down the hall was also a cause for tears. Of course, watching Grade 1 DVDs during our class party...especially the photo montage...also made me cry. The only thing I wasn't crying about was the fact that all the DVDs were ready to go home because some years I am still burning the last few during the last morning of school!

A parent emailed me this picture and a few others and it totally sums up the reason that I find the last day so hard. You form such a strong relationship with these kids over the hours and days you spend with them. You guide them, listen to them, teach them, learn from them, love on them...and then you have to give them away. *sigh*

Then it was 1:15 and it was over. My fifth year of teaching was complete. Then came the fun stuff...attendance and cumulative file stuffing. We got a new computer program for school this year and unexpected glitches have come up all the time. There was an attendance issue and instead of making it easier, it actually made more work....much like other things with this program over the year. My hope is that now that we are finished an entire year of it, maybe next year will run more smoothly...maybe. A big fat maybe. The only good thing about it was that I could savour just a bit more time with Janice as we struggled through the glitch together. 

Is there anything better than a cumulative file party? I think not.

I finally finished and packed up my room and was ready to leave by 4:45. Kaden had a birthday party and so it prompted me to leave. I received some great notes of encouragement from my parents and a some gifts too but the class did present me with an amazing gift card for a hotel that is supposed to be their way of giving me back some time that I took away from my family. Wow. They spoil me. 

I dropped Kaden off at his birthday party, went home to hear about the girls' report cards and then when Conrad got home we went out for supper:

...and then drove over to check out our new digs:

We spent some time measuring and planning and dreaming big. What a roller coaster kind of day. I am truly blessed and lucky.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Undergraduate Awards

It was the undergraduate awards evening tonight. Grade 9 had their ceremony from 6-7 and Kezia was surprised to learn she had received the highest mark of her entire grade in 4 of her classes! (English, Foods, Textiles, and Musical Theatre) She also earned an academic excellence award for having all her marks above 80%.

The Grade 11 award ceremony was from 8:00-9:00 and Kiandra received, for the third straight year her High school's pride award. 

The criteria for the award includes:

and the award recipients are chosen by their peers. Kiandra truly deserves this award because she really does embody every aspect. We are so proud of both of our girls and their success this year. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grade 8 Farewell

I'm 1 year out from Kaden's Grade 8 grad but all teachers are invited to the dinner portion of the Grade 8 farewell event and so I went this evening to celebrate this year's class. When I started teaching, there was this group of girls from Grade 4 who began to follow me around at recess. They would tell me who their boy crushes were. They would tell me they wanted me to teach a higher grade so that I could be their teacher. When I carried my camera around, they would pose and beg me to take their picture. They were my "Grade 4 peeps". Today, those Grade 4 peeps were all decked out in their fancy clothes and they looked so grown up. It has been truly a joy to see these girls grow into beautiful ladies. I feel so blessed to have been adopted by them all those years ago. I feel honoured that they have requested and allowed me to peek into their lives through their instagram accounts. (I laughed when they decided to spam me one day by "liking" about 70 photos at one time.) The Grade 8 grad was a great time to celebrate this class and it was a fun evening. One of the highlights for the gentlemen in the class was the footlong hot dog bar! They sure knew how to please those teen appetites!

*sigh* time is passing too quickly!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A day of loss

Change is hard. Loss is hard. Today was a hard day.

The day part was good because my girls had come to help make roll kuchen with my class. I also had parent volunteers join us on a trip to the library and thankfully it didn't rain even though the threat of it lasted all day. 

Then it was the event I'd beed dreading: The goodbye party for my friend Janice who is leaving the school.  It will be so hard to not have her just down the hall next year. We honoured her at a back yard BBQ, and again, the rain held off. It was good to get together to say goodbye and it was just another hard thing to get through. I gave the goodbye speech and actually made it until almost the end before I started to cry. Goodbyes are hard. Change is hard. Loss is hard.

Then it was off to Kaden's championship flag football game. It was against a team that just smoked them during the regular season. It was a close game. Both teams played so well. During the last play of the game, Kaden's team had a chance to make the same kind of play they made to get in the finals last week, but this time it didn't work in their favour and they lost the city finals by just 2 points. End of the season goodbyes are hard. Loss is hard.

Then I heard that a friend of mine lost her mom today. It was unexpected. It's true that you just never know what the future holds. Change is hard. Loss is hard. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Look what we bought...

A summer reno project and future rental home!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Conrad's keeping busy with his latest project...flooring is going in...

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