Saturday, May 31, 2014


It was a beautiful day to plant some flowers. Kezia helped me pick these out at Costco this afternoon and I planted them when we got home.




After: (one of these years we really need to replace the edging on this flower bed!!)


Hopefully they grow!

Friday, May 30, 2014

My Friday Five

I follow the eighteen25 blog. They have this "Our Friday Five" feature where the blog authors take turns sharing some of their current favourite things. Here are my current favourites:

1. Instagram app while I have always had a great time snapping and sharing photos AND using it in my classroom to connect with school families, this last week I've developed a new appreciation for this photo app. Kaden's teacher has set up an account for his Quebec trip and it has been awesome to see what Kaden and his group have been up to while on their trip. It's been fun for Kezia to relive her trip as the pictures show up in her feed and it's been awesome to get a glimpse of Kaden in some of the photos. 

2. Menchies! Love, LOVE, Love Menchies. It's my favourite. I love using up the gift card my Grade 1 friends gave me for Christmas. I especially love it when I can go with my kids and their friends and spend some time chatting and eating froyo with them. 

3. This super sized golf umbrella is a must for any parent that hangs out on the sidelines. I bought it at Target in the States a few years ago and it has kept me warm and dry for many nights while watching my kids play. The best part is the venting at the top that allows wind to just blow right through without it bending or causing you to hang on for dear life. Totes umbrella=awesome.

4. Salted Caramel syrup in my iced java. I bought this at Gordman's when I was on the teacher's shopping weekend. It's delicious. I found out that they also have many other kinds here.

5. This new bad boy. After a few warmer days, it was discovered that our central air had stopped working. Nuts. We had an estimate to fix it and it was almost not worth it. He gave us a great price on a new furnace/central air and hot water tank. Not exactly an expense we were anticipating but we had some furnace trouble last year and our hot water tank really wasn't working properly either. Our house is over 30 years old and it's possible everything is maybe it was just a matter of time before everything would have broken down. I am truly appreciating a nice cool house again.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Thankful for this air conditioner that Conrad got for me. This is the first May/June I've used it.

Thankful that I needed to use it because temperatures are finally in the 30s after such a brutal winter.

Thankful for Conrad's day off and that Kiandra came along with him to watch Kezia's soccer game this evening.

Thankful for the chance to see Kezia play for the first time this month because of other commitments.

Thankful that Kezia's team could rise above the bad calls and aggressive behaviour to pull off a 3-0 win!

Thankful that 2 of those 3 goals were scored by Kezia!

Thankful for a nice evening to watch soccer with great moms and dads of awesome girls.

Thankful for Kezia's awesome coaches.

Thankful for Kaden's Quebec trip and the instagram updates of their adventures.

Thankful for this photo popping up in my feed which shows Kaden in the bottom left corner.

Thankful for only 1 more day of broken central air in the house.

Thankful tomorrow is Friday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Long day...

Our day started at 2:30am this morning, when we got up and ready to drive Kaden to the airport.  The day of his school Quebec trip has arrived!

He was super pumped and we (and all the other parents!) were super tired.

They received their lanyards and new Quebec tour shirts (designed by Kaden's teacher!).

...and then they were off! It's nice that Kaden's teacher set up an instagram account and we can all follow along on their journey.

After a few winks of sleep, I taught a full day and then headed over to pick up Kezia from her weekly Wednesday babysitting job. 

Then it was hair and makeup time for the last choir concert of the year. They sounded amazing.

The concert evening also featured the wind ensemble group and the last song of the night was the Star Wars theme and the teacher used a light saber as his conducting wand. Kiandra and Kezia do have some teachers that I truly appreciate. 

After the concert, we made a trip to Menchie's (yup, again!) for some froyo. We asked one of Kiandra's best friends to come along and join us. They looked pretty sharp in their (hot!) concert uniforms. Menchie's was packed with people celebrating this warm weather. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On the side lines...

When the temperatures rose to 29 degrees this afternoon I was sure we'd finally have a great night for flag football. However, by the time we arrived on the field, the clouds had taken over and shortly after the game began it started to rain.

It must have dampened Kaden's team too because the first game was an unbelievable loss of 21-0. They have not lost a game that badly in the 3 years Kaden has played for this team.

Game 2 was a big win and they seemed more on track. Kaden even scored an interception touchdown....I hear that's a good thing. ;)

Kaden noticed that the other team didn't have a single parent on the sidelines to watch and cheer them on. I know the weather was kind of bad and I know that truthfully I am more of an inside kind of girl but there really is no place I'd rather be than on the sidelines cheering on my kids. I'm just sorry that tonight's activities only let me cheer on Kaden. 

Kezia hitched a ride with her coach to her soccer game and Conrad got to cheer on Kiandra at her band concert this evening....and he even remembered to snap a photo!

Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello new week.

Hello 24 days left in Grade 1.

Hello recess celebration because Spring Concert is over.

Hello 8th last lunch duty.

Hello after school grocery shop with my awesome helper.

Hello butter chicken for supper.

Hello last minute packing and list making.

Hello early bedtime. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baptism Sunday

Our church had a Baptism service today and 16 people chose to be baptized including Kezia and Kaden's good friends, Jenna and Steven. It was such a moving service to see so many people from our church stand up and declare their faith and take that step in obedience. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hockey Tournament

A few guys from Conrad's Thursday night floor hockey decided to go in the Remax Cup this weekend. I got to tag along and watch Conrad play. It reminded me so much of the hours and hours I spent watching him during my Junior High days. His team "Those Guys Again" had to play hard against some of the uhumm....younger teams *cough* *cough*

Game 1 was at 10:30 and they won 5-2

Then we had a short break and so we stopped for Slurpees to celebrate the hot day:

and then we decided to do something Conrad has never done (since he usually works on Saturdays)--visit the farmer's market and eat there for lunch. I had spring rolls and Conrad had a "farm burger" which was 1 beef patty, 1 farmer sausage patty, bacon, and cheese and your favourite condiments. 

Game 2 of the day was at 2:15 and it was another win! 5-0 and this time Kaden came out to watch (he had a friend over for the night and didn't want to get moving so early this morning). This win gave them a spot in the quarter finals! Conrad even won a medal for Most Valuable Player because he scored and assisted more than half of the goals. 

Game 3 was next and it was another win! Conrad scored again and earned his second MVP medal of the tournament:

The semi-final was against the team that had beat them during the semi-final round last year ...and they did it again. Final score 3-1. Most of the guys from Conrad's team didn't know if they would have had the energy to play in the final game tomorrow anyway but it was fun to think that they did come in third place in the tournament. 

A fun day but I know someone is going to be a little sore tomorrow! ;)

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