Friday, February 28, 2014

Date night

Conrad and I enjoy our Friday night date night while the kids are at youth. We've been using our coupons to make our dates affordable and I have been able to use up some gift cards that I have received as gifts from students. I was able to choose to enjoy a 3 course meal from their special menu:

French onion soup:

pork with goat cheese and saskatoon "gravy", pasta, and hot slaw

dessert was a strawberry tart

Conrad chose from the regular menu and had peppercorn steak

I love Date Night!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hockey playoffs begin!

Kaden's hockey team played their first playoff game this evening...

Score at the end of the first ... 1-1

Score at the end of the second... 3-3

Then Kaden's team scored 2 quick goals to make it 5-3 and it was a hard fought battle to keep that lead. It in the last 3 minutes, Kaden got a penalty and so did someone on his team and so they were playing with 2 less players for 3 minutes.

 The other team tried really hard but Kaden's team was able to keep them from scoring and the game ended with a final score of 5-3.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Today, Kiandra was showing me her elective choices for next year and she read that she needed "3 compulsory courses and 4 electives" and I tried to correct her to say she needed "4 compulsory courses and 3 electives" and then she said "No, Mom....I'm going into Grade 12".


Kiandra is choosing her courses for her LAST year of high school. How can this be?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Super Cold Weather

Thank you for gracing us with your presence for more weeks
than I can ever possibly remember in my lifetime.
(I heard it's the coldest Winter in 64 years!)
Your ability to cancel outdoor hockey practice
and secure indoor recess duty on day 6 and 2 is greatly
appreciated. However, enough is enough.
I already appreciate the warmth of Summer and do not
need to be reminded about how cold Winter can be.
Thanks for coming, but thanks also for knowing when to leave.
With shivers,

Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello New Week!
Hello day 4 of antibiotics that seem to be working
Hello final choices for the University program that Kezia was invited to be a part of for a week in April

Hello Grade 1 friends
Hello countdown to report card time
Hello another stretch of indoor recesses

Hello rare experience of leaving the school at 4:00
Hello early hockey practice
Hello chance to pick up Kezia after Christian Connections group at school

Hello shopping time with my favourite middle daughter
Hello perfect costume pieces
Hello to using up my Christmas gift card

Hello to $7.99 Monday special pizzas
Hello to arriving home with Conrad having supper on the table
Hello PVR'd Amazing Race 24 with the family. 

Hello Monday!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Conrad and Kaden were up at 6:00am to watch the big Gold medal game. I watched part of the game with them and even Kezia was watching for a little while even though she won't admit it. ;)

It was a 3-0 win for Canada!

Moments after the game ended, Kaden headed off to the rink for his hockey practice. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lego Movie

Kaden and his friends Justin and Steven went to see the Lego movie this evening. We dropped him off...we picked him up...but he went to the movies with his friends. Things they are a-changing around our house as our kids become more and more independent.

Friday, February 21, 2014

This is why...

Friday nights have become "date night" for me and Conrad. With all the kids in youth, and now Kiandra driving, Conrad can pick me up from the church and we are able to leave her the van and she can drive everyone home at the end of the night. Sometimes, Conrad and I go out for dinner, sometimes we eat at home and watch Netflix, but I've really enjoyed this routine together time after many years without a regular habit of date nights. Anyway, the meds had finally started to kick in and I was feeling better but still not 100% so we decided to eat at home but pick up dessert to have after from my favourite Froyo place on the way home. However...the van Kiandra can drive didn't have much gas left and Kiandra often offers to drive a friend home and so we (and I mean Conrad) filled it up first before leaving it at the church for Kiandra. I had told Kiandra the plan but wanted Kezia to also have the details because she is the one texting me when Kiandra is driving.

Remember this post from just last week? Well, here's an example of why we want the girls to have a cell phone and to let us know when they are leaving somewhere:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good things on a not so good day

being awake to watch Canada win GOLD in Women's curling 
(and having someone to cuddle with to watch it)

Conrad's day off and his ability to drive me to find out why I have been feeling so terrible

Hearing Kiandra's Grade 11 class did awesome during their "Voice your Stuff" performance during spirit week....and when Kiandra's friends post pictures like this on her facebook page:

being awake for the last few minutes of the Women's hockey game AND the overtime to see Canada win GOLD again today:

feeling slightly better as the antibiotics slowly kick in and I prepare to go back to work tomorrow after spending most of the last few days sleeping. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How sick was I?

After sleeping all evening...and all night...and barely grumbling a "not unless you drive him" when Conrad asked if Kaden was going to school (one of the disadvantages for teaching all the way across the city), I wasn't even sure how much sleep I would get during the day. Turns out, I still slept most of the day too and unfortunately didn't wake up each time feeling any better. When Conrad texted to see how I was feeling, I sent him this:
and told him I really must be sick because the only hockey games I watch are ones that Kaden is playing. ;) I was awake at the end of the game enough to know that Canada had made it to the gold medal round and that I was so thankful Kiandra was able to drive and I would not have to venture out to the Kid's Club to drop off my desserts that thankfully I had started making on Monday and just needed some quick icing to complete. By 7:00, I had already called to tell my principal I would not be in tomorrow. I sent him the worst and most vague sub plan ever (Sorry Charlotte!) and went back to sleep...and sleep...and sleep. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Power Through...

I woke up this morning feeling terrible. was a day 6 (which is my best prep day) and I thought surely I could handle an easier day rather than plan out for a sub which would take almost as long to write out than to just suffer through. Yikes. It went from bad to worse and by first recess I had already asked for a sub for the next day and in my many preps I made a quick-and only half legible- sub plan with plans to not come in the next day. I napped through lunch (Thanks Jan for covering my duty!) and only half made it through the day. 

I have French and then music at the end of the day and so I asked the music teacher to dismiss my Grade 1 friends and then I left school to go home and sleep. I left Kaden behind because he had basketball and the school he was playing at was not too far from our house. I instantly fell asleep at home and was thankful to hear my alarm to pick up Kaden. I dressed for Arctic weather as I was now shivering with cold and yet sweating buckets and somehow managed to pick Kaden up from basketball and conveniently the girls' musical practice ended at the same time and just a block or so away from where Kaden had his hockey practice. I picked Kezia up (Thankfully Kiandra had already found a ride to a concert festival she was performing at) dropped Kaden off and texted Conrad to make sure he knew where Kaden was and then I went home and slept....and slept....and slept.

Monday, February 17, 2014

ski day

Kiandra and Kezia joined their youth group for a ski day today. They were able to spend the day with their two best friends. I'm glad they were able to take these photos and share them. It looks like they had a great day!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

From game to game

This evening, Kaden played hockey at 5:30.

They played the number 3(?) team and did not do well against them.

At the end of the second period it was 4-0. 

Kezia and I left shortly after the 3rd period began to go to her third game of the tournament that they are in this weekend. 

They scored a nice goal in the first half and Kezia's goalie worked over time to make sure they didn't score again.

What was more amazing than the final score being 1-0 was that Kezia's team was outnumbered! Kezia's team had just 10 players and the other team had 17! They were the little team that could today!

In a totally unexpected finish...Kezia's team actually made it to the finals! Tomorrow her team is playing the other first place team from the other side for the win tomorrow...unfortunately, Kezia is heading out skiing with her youth group and will miss it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Not exactly what I meant...

We've been having some discussions lately with the girls about using their phones to check in with us. We pay for their bills because we want to be able to get in touch with them when we need to. At least two times lately we have not been able to and so we've had to really stress to them that being able to get ahold of them is the reason we pay the bill and if we can't then maybe we shouldn't be paying for their phones. I also ask for them to text me when they leave and when they arrive at a destination because I'm still paranoid when Kiandra takes the van out. This morning, I took this photo as they drove away:

Moments later, I got this text:

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