Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One last road trip of 2014

Yesterday my friend Janice texted me and asked if I'd be interested in a day trip to the States for a little yeah!

Since my other two kidlings had plans for later in the day, Kezia asked if she could come too. In the end it was Janice and Marlene (who teaches grade 5) and Kezia and me. We left around 7:30 as the sun was just beginning to light up the sky.
We spent the day bargain hunting through Christmas clear outs at 50-80% off and other deals. We stopped at Pizza Ranch for lunch and then a few more hours of shopping. Our last stop was Target:

and then we were heading home with all our treasures

We were home by 6:30 and it was a fun way to spend the last day of 2014.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The weather outside is frightful...

but we decided to head out anyway. 

After a few weeks of unseasonable warmer weather it was a bit of a shock to the system to see temperatures of -25 degrees C and below -30 degrees with the windchill. 

thankfully we weren't planning to spend much time outside just running from the van to the mall to see the new Annie movie.

We joined family friends and enjoyed the movie and some shopping before swapping kids (Kaden went home with them and their daughter came home with us) for the night. It was good to come home to a warm house!

Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello first day of Christmas break with no set plans.
Hello kind of sleeping in until 9:30!

Hello no place to go
Hello overdue oil change on my van
Hello awesome husband who took the van to work to do it

Hello tidying up
Hello script reading

Hello lazy afternoon
Hello Netflix with my boy
Hello dozing off
Hello relaxation

Hello storyteller
Hello renter phone calls
Hello paid in cash....finally.

Hello Kiandra volunteering to make supper.
Hello using up more leftovers.
Hello awesome supper.

Hello script practicing for an audience of two.
Hello lots of memorization ahead.
Hello awesome sibling relationship

Hello Monday

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Proverbs 16:9

The verse at the top of my blog has kind of been a life verse for me. A reminder that I can plan and plan and plan but things don't always turn out the way I had planned.

A few weeks ago, my Sister-in-law Pam took my girls to a Pop-Up sale with artist Kal Barteski. Pam posted this pic to her instagram:

and at the sale the girls decided to get Kal to script my favourite verse in her signature script. I found this pic on another instagram account (@luckygirlpopup) and it's MY PRINT with Kal!

How cool is that?!

On Christmas Eve, the kids gave it me:

I love it. It's perfect!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

BSQ decorating in gold and silver and white

I hosted dinner for my side of the family this evening. I was pretty impressed with how the table setting looked considering it was really thrifty as I exercised my Bargain Shopping Queen abilities...dollarama flowers, goodwill vase, name card holders that Kiandra received at a gift exchange, IKEA discounted table cloth, and the glasses were acquired years ago at a gas station (buy gas get a free glass) promo. The Christmas crackers and napkins were bought last January at 75% off. 

While grocery shopping this morning, I picked up the stocking hangers that I had been wanting at 50% off the regular price. The stockings were bought last year at 75%. The silver trees to the left of the snowflake hangers were also on clear out for $3.44 (for the tall not really shown) and $2.44 (for the smaller one) and the gold tree is from Dollarama. Prints in the frames are courtesy of lost bumblebee creations.

Dinner was delicious. My sister and her family ended up leaving early because of evening plans but the kids did get a quick game of Killer Bunnies in before they left.

Friday, December 26, 2014


A few years ago, we made over the basement bedroom and bought Kiandra new bedding and then painted her furniture to match. (Pictures here) Last summer, when we were putting the finishing touches on her walk through closet, we ended up repainting her room because we moved the closet doors over and she chose a more muted purple for all 4 walls. (Her room had 2 green walls and 2 bold purple walls before.) Kiandra asked for new bedding for Christmas and when she put it on her bed, she thought that her painted dressers really stood out against her new white and grey bedding. Since we had some leftover paint from past projects, we decided to paint her bedroom furniture today.

This was a year of painting! My classroom, the rental house, and now Kiandra's furniture! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day in Photos

Breakfast at home--waffle maker omelettes (from the leftover pizza toppings from last night) and fruit.

Baking that I took to Conrad's family gathering (baked small batches of everything yesterday!)

We had a chance to check out Conrad's brother and his family's new digs on 5 acres and we didn't get lost! ;)

We also got to know the newest family member:

Kezia threatened to take it home!

and (not pictured) we had a chance to meet someone special in Conrad's brother Darwin's life...this was a real treat!

Then it was gifts from Grandma and Grandpa:

and Uncle Rick and Auntie Pam:

and games and more games and eating and more eating. I'd say it was a pretty good day! We are blessed.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Since we are having Christmas with Conrad's side tomorrow, today was our family Christmas...AKA staying in our jammies all day.

We started our day by exchanging gifts

and as has been our tradition for many years, we gave our kids 4 gifts: 
Something they want, 
something they need, 
something to wear, 
and something to read

This year Kiandra got:
want: new duvet cover (thank you IKEA refund bonus)
need: hair dryer 
wear: roots sweats (that she thought we'd never get her but sent us a link to a super Cyber Monday sale just in case!) She was still surprised!

read: Dirt on Dating-some interesting thoughts to chew on 

Kiandra also received a super cool gift from Kezia. Kezia had this great idea to get Kiandra a directors chair but had trouble finding one for a good deal. We lucked out this summer by finding one at a thrift store in good condition but the back piece was screen printed with something. Kezia decided to sew a new back piece and then embroider Kiandra's name on it. It turned out so good! Kiandra loved it:

This year Kezia got:
want: new white ruffled bedding--again Kezia found an online deal in Fall that we snapped up.

need: new sheets and the matching bedskirt (on sale)
wear: Sephora make up gift box (bought on sale and with a coupon)

This year Kaden got:
want: a new full size hockey net

need: socks and underwear :)
wear: A Doctor Who bathrobe...this was kind of a need too...his old bathrobe was getting a little Hugh Hefner-like!

Kaden also got a great gift from Kiandra and Kezia because they bought him the matching Tardis lounge pants. 

Conrad got a sweater from the girls, a Tim Hortons gift card from Kaden, and his big gift from me was a set of camping cookware (double pie iron, waffle maker, and bread/enchilada/camp cone cooker)

I got a few items from my list and a few of these showed up in my 12 days of Christmas Surprises. Each day for the last 12 days, Conrad has surprised me with gifts. It's pretty fun to anticipate these gestures of kindness.

My 12 days of surprises included:
$12 Starbucks gift card
$11of scratch and win-
10 chocolate covered cherries
9 Hot Tamales
8 cups of almond milk
7 icy squares
6 lime pic a pops
5 post it note tabs
4 (2 pairs) socks
3 Lindt chocolate balls
1 Starbucks cup

I did get this very cool lanyard holder...

that can live in this new jewellery box/mirror from Conrad:

The rest of the day was spent eating and gaming (the board game variety) and more snacking. Of course, we had our traditional homemade pizza as our supper:

and then we watched "The Bible" movie's Christmas episode and then we went to bed. It was a super relaxing day full of many awesome things. 

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