Sunday, June 30, 2013


One of the many things on my to-do list for this summer...tackle the front flower bed that is growing out of control. was this bad:

It looks a bit better now:

We really need to replace the wood boards around the edges but that may have to wait until next summer. At least the massive tree weeds are down and I've got some flowers in their place. It looks a bit better anyway! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back to School

First day of summer break....and I'm back at school.

I picked Kezia up from a sleepover, drove Kezia, Kiandra, and Kaden half way to the beach where my friend Leanne met us and continued the rest of the journey. They were off to the beach...I was heading back to school to finish this year's yearbook.

My friend Sheri and I were busy convincing ourselves that we love this job of compiling a year of photographic memories into a book for everyone. I *think* we convinced ourselves as we worked for hours getting the last few pages completed.

I do have to laugh that we were not the only staff members there today as various other teachers and office workers were there with us or who popped in during the time we were there. I guess we are all keeners, lol!

We didn't quite finish because our family had a supper date at our friends' house this evening where the kids swam for hours in their pool and hot tub. It was a great evening of visiting and a reminder that that is what summer is for.

Hopefully, we get the last of the yearbook finished this week and then hit the "publish" button and close the chapter on 2012-2013 school year.

Friday, June 28, 2013

....and done!

Today I wrapped up my 4th year of teaching Grade 1. Wow. Where has the time gone?!

Wearing my last day of school shirt, I prepared to say goodbye to

The morning drive with 2 of my children

22 Grade 1 friends and their families

calendar time with this group...although they insisted on doing calendar on the smart board 1 more time so they could write this:

1 principal who is changing schools

2 co-workers who are retiring

Grade 8 friends who will likely mean more to Kezia only after she starts high school in the Fall

and an amazing year that was full of great memories.

I, again, got some amazing gifts from the families that I work with and I am always moved to tears by their kindness and their words. It only took 2 trips to the van after school to get everything in :)
From the gift cards I received this year, it looks like I will be having some adventures while I cash them in. I got quite a few kid notes this year which is probably because this has been my strongest class of writers. I have to give a shout out to my friend Sheralyn, whose son was in my class this year and she gifted me this t-shirt. She knows me so well:

It was a great year. Totally great. I've taken over the job for the last two years making the end of the year slideshow and somehow when you see all the photos from the year set to music it really takes away all the negative stuff that goes on throughout the year. I'm so thankful for the job that I have, the students I get to teach, and the people I work with.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kezia's Farewell Celebration

Yesterday was Kezia's Grade 8 Celebration with a ceremony in the afternoon and a dinner and a bonfire after that. 
Here are some of the photos from yesterday's big day.

There was a photo booth after the dinner and I think Kezia and her friend Jade managed to get into quite a few of the photos that were taken. 

A great day. A fantastic 3 years at this school. 
An end that seems to be coming too fast...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All night long...

It's 6:30. 

6:30 AM. 

and I just got home from picking Kiandra up.


Kiandra has been following a Casting Website that posts jobs for extras and yesterday afternoon they were calling for extras for a movie that was filming yesterday. She and her friend applied and were told to come down and be a part of the movie. I dropped them off at 8:00 last night at a high school across town and then got the call this morning to come and pick them up. 

Kiandra, of course, had a blast and was quick to point out this giant stage beside the school where one of the scenes was filmed before the rain started last night.

Kiandra love. love. loves this and it's hard not to get excited for her as she bubbles over with stories about what went on during her time on the set. I just hope *yawn* that I *yawn* can stay awake for the rest of the *yawn* day....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pack it in...

It was a hot one today at school! Thankfully we spent some of the afternoon at the local public library--which was air conditioned! My Grade 1 friends got some encouragement to read over the summer and a big package of info about the library's summer reading program. We ended our day with a traditional Mennonite feast of watermelon and roll kuchen. Yum!

Then it was a BBQ farewell for the two teachers who are retiring, AND writing a sub plan for my sub tomorrow, AND checking out 4 nail studios before finding one that was open for Kezia to get her nails done for tomorrow, AND dropping and dashing and having Conrad meet her there so I could drive Kiandra and her friend to a movie set to be an extra, AND loving this photo he posted on instagram: 

AND finding time to check and see if the shoes I found on the clearance rack were still there (they were!), AND arriving home to find another package had come in the mail, AND a bit of chillaxing time before another busy day tomorrow....Pack it in...June is almost over!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Things

---Starting Report Card writing day with most of my comments already done because I completed over the weekend.

---A morning treat

---22 grade 1 DVDs burned and ready to go

---Attendance folder totally caught up

---Not one, but two, packages arriving in the at home and Kezia texted me this photo

---and one came to school

---This super exciting news!! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

---These photos showing up in my instagram feed from Kiandra and Kezia as they are already on summer mode and it made me smile to know that soon I will be joining them.

----printing off the last report cards of the year

---a chat about Hope and Plans and Waiting with this amazingly patient and Godly woman

---Kaden's last football practice this evening with the championship game coming up this week

---a surprise for Kaden on Thursday

---Kezia's last soccer game of the regular season and a hard battle that ended in a tie. They play again on Wednesday (Kezia's farewell celebration) and if they win, they make the A side for finals in the Fall!)

---having my whole family under the same roof right now.

Good. Things.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Before the rain...

It was our church picnic this morning. The service was moved inside due to approaching bad weather but stayed away long enough to eat our lunch outside. They had just started the races when the sky began to open up. Kaden did the potato sack race with his age group:

and Kezia did it with hers:

...and then the rains came and the picnic came to an end. It wasn't entirely bad news because I had a stack of report card comments waiting to be written and a nap waiting to be taken. :)
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