Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

13 things that happened today:

1. It was 1 degree Celcius on the way to school this morning. One. Degree. That is amazing for January!

2. My smartboard is still giving me attitude and has not been working properly since the Tuesday before Christmas Break.

3. It was Soup Day Potluck lunch for the staff.

4. I had 2 helpings of this cheddar broccoli one:

5.  For some reason, I thought it was Wednesday today and thought I had lunch duty. What a great surprise to realize I did not have duty after all!

6. Conrad went to a funeral today for my brother-in-law's father. 

7. The Education Minister for our province and our MLA came for a school visit and I was told they would probably stop by and watch me teach. I was not very nervous at first until I realized the entourage she was accompanied by was huge! I got really nervous...really fast.

8. It ended up working out fine because she kind of took over my class--answered the students' questions (I had prepped them yesterday as we brainstormed what they might ask) and read them a book. Phew! It was an honour to host such a distinguished visitor.

9. I had a K-5 meeting after school and as we talked about our upcoming Winter Carnival, I absolutely loved that I could be a part of the conversation about "what we USUALLY do" because for the last 3 years I have been a part of it. 

10. I drove Kaden to hockey (yes! again! 3 nights in a row!), picked up Kiandra from Musical Theatre, and I dropped and picked up Kezia from soccer.

11. I reminded Kiandra to make sure she was totally packed for the Jazz camp because she leaves right after school tomorrow. 

12. Registered for our third family marathon relay in June. I guess that means it's time to dust off the treadmill---literally since it is in close proximity to the saw Conrad uses for cutting!

13. Wished I had a day off tomorrow like Conrad does...but not for the reason he does (he won't get another day off for a few weeks.)


Tami said...

What is an Education Minister?

Pamela said...

Tami- She's a government official in charge of schools/education for our entire province. I'm not sure what the USA equivalent is??

TammyIsBlessed said...

After being the one to forward the marathon sale date - I totally forgot to register myself!

Sonya said...

Did you know the Education Minister is from MacGregor? You heard it here first! :D

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