Monday, January 14, 2013

She shoots...she scores...again!!

I used to be able to say that Kezia rarely scores. She used to play defence all the time but has had a few chances to play forward and during those few times, she has been able to score. This year, hurt players and rotating absent players has put Kezia into the forward or mid field position many times....and she has scored many times.

Today, they had a Monday night game...which is unusual since they usually play on the weekends...and they were playing at a soccer pitch we haven't played on since Kezia first started playing indoor soccer when she was in Grade 3. They were playing the first place team and that team had 8 subs....Kezia's team had 2 subs.

They did well until the end of the first half when the other team scored a quick 2 goals and they finished the first half 2-0. In the second half one of the girls on Kezia's team scored her first ever goal (Kezia has played with many of these girls for years and so this was super exciting for all of the girls) but then the tiredness set in...

then the 2-1 score started to change...







There were 14 seconds left in the game and Kezia took a super shot and it bounced into the net hit the crossbar and then the goalie caught the net! Score for Kezia's team to bring the score to 8-2. A tough loss but they fought hard right to the end.

Who scored again today??!! This girl!

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