Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not an outside kind of girl...


Source: via Pamela on Pinterest
But Kezia on the other hand is an outside kind of girl. Kaden likes it too, Kiandra not so much. Conrad used to be a more outdoorsy kind of guy but I think I have converted him to my evil ways. We both like the heat and are not fans of the cold. Kezia has been begging to go to this outdoor tubing hill since it opened. I came across a Groupon before Christmas and figured with the deal, we'd make her wish come true. 

The deal was for a buy 1-get-1 evening pass from 5-9. The weather cooperated this evening and we had friends that were free to join us. So we went...

This is honestly the longest stretch of time
I've worn my "recess duty" boots. I bought them in the
Spring 4 years ago and the longest I've worn them
was an afternoon of sledding at the school carnival.

We almost made it to 9:00 but then Kiandra wanted to 
come in and I stole that chance to grab my 
camera to get these shots. 

Kezia gave the experience 2 thumbs up!

Family fun
It was a fun night, I have to admit and we had a good time. We laughed so hard when we tried to make a huge train to get down the hill. It was nice to have a lift back up the hill...yup, I took advantage of that multiple times!! The temperature was perfect and it was not too crowded. I would probably consider going again (with a coupon!!).


TammyIsBlessed said...

I was wondering if that place had a tow rope!

LaughingLady said...

Looks like an awesome time! Good for you, Pam!! I love my morning walks, but I'm not really what you'd call an "outdoorsy" girl either. CERTAINLY not in the winter. Friends of ours have a great sliding hill behind their house and keep saying we can come over any time to use it, but I just don't WANT to!!! That's just not my idea of fun! (plus, they don't have a tow rope!!)

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