Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions 2013

First...these were my goals last year:

 -Finish reading through the Bible. 

 Yep, for the third year in a row, this didn't happen. Maybe this year... I find it so hard when I fall off the wagon to just jump back in where I am.

 -lose 20 pounds.

Again....fail. A plus is that I've been keeping steady at needing to lose the same 20 pounds, lol!

-Run a second family relay.


-begin basement renovation project.


-Continue blogging every day or every other day. 

Done! 370 Posts

-Sew more Christmas bags 


-I also am going to borrow Sonya's resolution to purge unnecessary stuff in our house.

Done! and since the 40 bags in 40 days challenge ended, I have sent other bags out the door including 3 bags  to Tammi just last week.

 -To find [Peace] with things that I cannot control. Whether it be PEACE with situations with my family, PEACE with my future in my job, PEACE with my kids growing up and facing more and more things on their own, PEACE with letting Kezia leave for 5 days (and be a plane ride away!), PEACE with letting God be the judge of actions and not me, I want to find PEACE and know that God has it all under control.

Done - albeit very very very reluctantly ;)

Now for the coming year ...

In 2013 I would like to:

-finish reading through the bible... ;) and be more active by commenting on this blog and not just doing my scheduled post. Who's up for this challenge?

-participate in the October Dress Project... I first heard of this when my friend Pam mentioned it on her blog and then a friend from facebook posted photos of herself doing it. I was intrigued when Pam posted but September was not exactly the best time for me to find a dress to use that would be versatile enough for a whole month. I've been thinking about doing it this coming October and deciding to do it now will let me take the time to find a dress and also add some tights (maybe on clearout when winter ends!) or thrift shop some accessories to my wardrobe in anticipation of the project. Does anyone else want to do this with me??

-shower Conrad with a 12 days of Christmas gift extravaganza. My friend Andrea just did this for her husband Les this December and I thought it was an awesome idea. I thought if I thought about ideas throughout the year (--maybe even keep track of gift ideas on my phone when I think of them) it would make a great way to celebrate Conrad and be an example to our kids. You can read about how Andrea blessed her husband with 12 days of Christmas gifts here. Who's in for this challenge??

-take 365 iPhone pictures- one photo for every day of the 2013 year. I downloaded an app that I want to fill and I started this blog just for photos. This may or may not replace my daily blog posts. Now that I am becoming more familiar with my phone, the blogger app lets me post pics right from my phone and it is very quick and easy to accomplish a daily post. As my children are growing up so fast, I really feel the importance of saving the little moments. I realize that all too quickly my life --which currently revolves around the kids and their activities-- will one day change and in the mean time I will savour it and all the chaos it brings. Anyone going to join me in this one?

-Finish the basement renovation (finally!!). We have been living in renovations for 14 months now and we are ready to use our space. While we have been quite content as a family to live on the main floor, it becomes crowded quickly when the kids have people over. When the basement is finally completed it will be an awesome gathering place and we look forward to using it.

- Sew some big bags to hold sleeping bags/bedding for camp for the kids. They shouldn't be hard to make because I would make them using the same idea as my "Christmas" bags--just a whole lot bigger! These would be put to good use for the kids for youth retreats and camp and will be a whole lot sturdier than garbage bags....and more recognizable too!

- Purge more things from my house...not sure if I could fill another 40 bags but I would like to really go through what is affectionately known as "the hoarder room" for the last year. Kiandra old bedroom has been piled with stuff from the other 3/4 of our basement. Pictures here. As we have lived without much of what is in that room for a year I want to carefully evaluate what is kept from it as we reassemble the basement after the renovations. Some of the items are toys that the kids have outgrown. I found a bunch of baby clothes too. This will need to be sorted and purged and this is a goal for this year as soon as the basement is completed.

Cheers to a new start and a new year!


pam said...

I'm hoping to actually do the October dress project this year too! I was so excited about it at first, but with everything else I was dealing with last October, just getting up and dressed was an accomplishment, never mind trying to be creative with my wardrobe.

Looking forward to seeing your daily photos - what a neat idea. :)

~L~ said...

can you let me know the app you are using for the blogger challenge, and the Blogger app that lets you blog right from your phone? I may not get in 365 days but defintely want to do for a few full months.
great list, I can't wait to see the blog results and a few sound intriguing for myself too :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

I definitely stole some of your ideas for myself! I'm doing the 365 days of iPhone photos - started a new blog, downloaded the app and did today's post already! And I want to sew those camping bags, and do the 12 Days of Christmas (well, technically I got that from Andrea).

Woohoo for 2013!

LaughingLady said...

Some awesome goals this year, Pam! I like how you've mixed some fun ones into there. I think maybe that's why New Year's resolutions are often so daunting ~ it's most often things we know we SHOULD change, but we know it will be WORK!! Having some fun ones in there is a really good idea.

Happy New Year!!

Andrea said...

Yay! Glad you're doing the 12 days for Conrad next Christmas! It was such a fun thing to do!

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