Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hockey this weekend

Yesterday, was a pretty quiet day ... well it was supposed to be until I learned a lesson about van batteries. (see yesterday's post!) Kiandra went to a Jazz Band camp (well it was changed from a camp to a hotel when the roads were closed because of blizzard conditions) for the entire weekend and Kezia didn't have any soccer this weekend either.

It was just one Saturday game for Kaden (and while we were there he got the call for the snow shovelling job.) The game was so close! It was one of the most exciting games of this year's season...usually Kaden's team is blown over by the other team and it's not very exciting when you know early in the game that there is not any hope you will catch up!

Yesterday, someone on Kaden's team scored about 5 minutes into the game and the crowd went crazy! It's so rare that Kaden's team scores and so very rare that it is the first goal of the game. Both teams had some good chances to score but the final score was 1-0 and it was our goalie's first shut out! The team was so excited to have their third win.

Today they played again against a team that has absolutely smoked us in the past. I remember this game had a final score of 9-1 :( They scored the first goal...then another... and the score was 2-0. Kaden's team scored to make it 2-1 and the Kaden scored to tie it up!! He was beyond excited and his team was ecstatic because the team they were playing was the number one in the league!! Unfortunately, in the last 7 minutes of the game, the other team was able to whip in 3 goals to make it a final score of 5-2 which is too bad but still not nearly the 9-1 blow out that they had at the beginning of the season.

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