Saturday, December 22, 2012


Kaden's team has not been doing well this season. They have won only 1 game so far and most of their losses have been real blow if the team forgot to show up :) Today, they played the team they beat a few weeks ago and I guess that gave them the confidence to play their little hearts out. At the end of the first it was 2-0 for parent arrived late and sighed when she saw the score - thinking it was our team that was losing by 2! Kaden scored the third goal of the game in the second period and then the other team got their first goal. In the third, they got another goal and then our team scored 3 - yes 3! - more goals to give us a score of 6-2 and I caught all 3 of those goals on video on my phone including this one where Kaden was checked and knocked down right before his teammate scored: When I realized their were only 17 seconds left on the clock, I switched my phone to "still" photos instead of "video" in anticipation of catching their excitement of a winning game to post here on the blog....and then Kaden snatched the puck up and scored a beautiful goal in the top corner! Ah nuts! That would have been a great thing to catch on video. So the final score was 7-2...they almost scored more goals in today's game than they have this whole season. They were so pumped and hopefully this boast in confidence that they need to play well against other teams too.

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