Friday, December 7, 2012

Shiny Shirt Day

I work with fun people. Occasionally, someone declares it to be a dress-up day. Of course, our favourite--and most frequent day-- is jeans day but other special days have taken place too. Last year, some called a "shiny shirt day" and alas...I did not have a shiny shirt. :(

Last summer, during one of my thrift shop hauls, I found the perfect "shiny shirt" to wear! I bought it with the anticipation of the next shiny shirt day. Today. was. that. day.

Oh and it was also "Salad Potluck day" .... Man... I love the people I work with. So fun.


Anonymous said...

You are the cherry on top of the fun sundae!

Tami said...

Salad PotLuck? Hmmm, thats a new one for me.

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