Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

We brought in the New Year in Ugly Sweaters
Kaden participated in his first spelling bee
We had a stripping party in our basement

Kaden attended his first NHL game
I had my first ambulance ride
Kiandra finished her first high school semester on the honour roll

Kezia and Kaden completed another season of soccer and hockey
Conrad went on a business trip to Kentucky

I purged nearly 40 bags of stuff from our house
Kezia signed up for badminton

I ran 5K
Kiandra had her year end synchro show
I learned that I would get to stay at my dream job
Kezia went to Quebec

Conrad and I celebrated 16 years of marriage
by taking the time for a little getaway

We went on a 2 week family vacation to Arizona, Nevada, and California

We got to see a live taping of the "Jessie" show
After years of being a camper-Kiandra became a Leader in Training at day camp
Kezia and I had fun with a sewing machine

We started making noticeable progress in our basement
I went to the States with some girlfriends while Kezia and Kaden were at camp
Kiandra enjoyed an aerial dance camp
I posted my 1000th blog post
I started and finished painting Kaden's bedroom


Soccer, Synchro, and Hockey begins a new season

Our school hosted a Worship Fair
Kiandra got her learner's license
Conrad and I have been together 21 years
I celebrated 50 days of school

I began recording our family dictionary
I wrote our 2012 Christmas Letter

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