Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I don't like:

-not sharing a day off with Conrad

-slippery roads on the way to school

-cleaning out (almost week old) waffle batter left on the staff room table last night because I forgot about it

-lunch duty in blustery windy weather

- not being able to access Group Share files on my computer

-Grade 1 friends who lie

-finding a typo on newly proofread and printed report cards

-47ish single black mittens that are "not mine" even though they are found IN our classroom!

-nachos and salsa and licorice for a snack

-stories about epi-pen needles going into fingers at the staff meeting

-things that are out of stock

- filling up with gas

-slippery roads on the way home from school


pam said...

Okay, I can understand not liking all of those things except for the snack one! That sounds like a delicious snack! Or was it someone else's snack and they didn't share with you??? ;)

Pamela said...

We always have snacks at the staff meeting and today's snacks were nacho chips and salsa (not my favourite) and licorice (also not my favourite) and cookies-which I did partake of. I guess the good thing is that I didn't have to worry about being tempted to eat!

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