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Peace and Hearts...and Lungs

Yesterday was our Peace Chapel at school. As a staff, we are responsible for presenting a few of the weekly chapels. When I started teaching at our school it was 2 a year (one with your class and 1 of your choice), last year it was 3. This year, we were assigned 2 chapels of input...AND 2 chapel song leading days. I. Know. Stopping laughing. Can you imagine me leading the singing portion of chapel. Funny stuff. Thankfully we are allowed to use youtube and recorded songs if we wish. (yes, please!!)

Another change from previous years, is that our principal has already penciled us in for our chapels for the entire year. (I'm thinking that last year it was a scramble at the end because we all waited until the end to sign up!) So....lucky me...My first "input" chapel was today but it was also Peace Chapel so it was good that I didn't have to think about what I might say. Our music teacher was on for the song selection and chose to have Grade 4 students play handbells and Grade 1 students do ribbons to the same song. It was beautiful.

The song fit in with what I had planned to talk about too. I was also able to put together a mini movie trailer (well in this case a book trailer!) using our new classroom iPad that we received this week!! (I'm so thankful that my friend Janice took the time to write up the proposal and submit it on behalf of the Grade 1-3 team!) Our tech guy preloaded iMovie (which I already love!) and I was able to put together a book trailer for a book our librarian read to us in about 40 minutes...not including the time it took to enter the text over my lunch hour. (Click here for details on how an entire movie clip can be ready to air in chapel in less than an hour!) I used the "fairytale" template because the book we were featuring was this one. Here's a peek at our trailer:

It was a perfect addition to my devotional (I'm posting it on my blog so that once my kids grow up and move to middle school...I can use this again! :) Our

Good Morning

In the month of November, we have Remembrance day and it is a time to think about Peace. In our school, we try and make November a time to focus on Peace and what that might look like in our school. Mrs. [librarian] has chosen some great books about Peace to display and share with us. In our Grade 1 class, she read a book called The Sunflower Sword. Have you ever seen a movie trailer? A movie trailer is a short commercial that tries to get you to want to see a movie, well, Grade 1 made a book trailer for the Sunflower Sword. Let's watch it now...

You can find this book in the library-ask Mrs. [librarian] and she can hook you up.The story of the Sunflower Sword is about doing something different-maybe even something crazy like using a flower for a sword! When we choose something different-or something crazy- we might have a surprising thing happen because we made a different choice. I'm not sure if you could read the last pictures, of the Grade 1 groups holding up big pictures but our class thought of ways we could make a new choice which might lead to something surprising. We can:

1. play our friend's favourite game
2. be nice to everyone
3. use good words
4. love our enemies
5. play with someone new
6. help someone who is hurt

When we do something different we might be surprised by what happens. What might happen if we play our friend's favourite game instead of our own favourite game? Or if we chose to play with someone new at recess instead of the same friends? What if we showed love to all people? What would happen?

We also might be surprised by what happens when we work together in peace instead of trying to do things all by ourselves. It isn't always easy to work with people in peace and it isn't always easy to make a different choice, but when we do we can do amazing things. 

I love this perfect reminder from the Bible. It is a verse found in Psalm 34:14:

Turn from evil and do good;
    seek peace and pursue it.

I like it because God wants us to turn away from bad things and make the choice to do good things. He wants us to go out and find a way to be peaceful. Did you know that the bible has many different translations? Translation is a spicy word that means "a different way to say it" and I really like how the Message tells us this same verse:

Turn your back on sin; do something good.
Embrace peace—don’t let it get away!

Turn your back on sin- that means make a different choice by turning your back or facing away from sin. Turning away from fighting, turning away from not telling the truth, turning away from hurting others with our words or actions. 

Do something good- that means choose things that are good-working together, being kind, and making a choice to include people. 

Embrace peace- Have you hear the word embrace before? It is a spicy word that means a hug. When God says "embrace" peace he doesn't mean shake hands with peace, or high five peace, or fist bump peace- he means that we should embrace it-hug it- and he tells us "don't let it get away". He wants us to be peaceful with each other.

Sometimes we have trouble being peaceful with others. It is hard to work with others. We all have ideas-they all might be different- and it is hard. However, when we share our ideas and work together we are so much better that if we did things by ourselves. Imagine, only having 1 person playing the bells this morning instead of a whole class?-not as pretty as all the bells working together....Imagine playing hide and go seek with just 1 person-not as fun as playing tag with lots of friends. What about team sports? When we all work together, it is more successful and more fun. 

Again, Psalm 34:14 says:
Turn from evil and do good;
    seek peace and pursue it.


Turn your back on sin; do something good.
Embrace peace—don’t let it get away!

Say it with me

Mr. [principal] would like to talk about one of the ways we can work together to be better than if we did worked alone. We can practice being peaceful, practice making a new choice, and practice embracing peace and not letting it get away. But first let's pray:

Our principal went on to talk about something we discussed as a staff a few weeks ago. It seems that every winter we have a massive snow fort problem and many things to resolve. This year, the principal proposed working together as an entire k-5 group to build a massive snow castle such as this one:

or this one:

or this one:

The plan is to have students (keep busy!) building and working together instead of fighting and spying and stealing. Mr. [Principal] talked about the things we needed:

ice cream pails

My Grade 1 class was so excited and one of the them asked if we could start today! (It took awhile for him to realize we were missing that last key ingredient!)

So that was Peace Chapel...

Kezia's class had an eventful day doing some "digesting" --as Kezia first called it and then corrected herself to say "dissecting". They were given various hearts and lungs to explore:

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