Friday, November 2, 2012

Look who's on the road!!

*Gasp* I have a daughter who is legally allowed to drive! (Only with supervision-but still!!)

Kiandra passed her Learner's Test on Monday and today we picked up her official documentation so that she can begin her "in car" practicum tomorrow. She looks pleased:

Seriously? How can she be driving already?! We just started letting her sit in the front seat because she is so tiny. Can she even reach the gas and brake pedal??

Kaden had to be at church at 6:00 and since youth didn't start until 7, Kiandra did a few parking lot laps. 

Novice Driver sign in place? Check! (looks like the van may need a wash!)

and here she goes...

Doesn't she look too small to be behind the wheel?
Here's Kiandra's first parking attempt (on the empty side of the parking lot!)

Tomorrow is her first time driving with her instructor...I'm a little concerned because he doesn't speak English very well and Kiandra can't understand him. Praying for safety for her and her partner tomorrow...and for the other people on the road too. :)

1 comment:

CC said...

Great pics! I can't even imagine how I'll react when my kids are old enough to drive!!!!!????? Aaack!!

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