Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Favourite Things

One of the blogs I follow is hosting a "favourite things" gift basket giveaway (Click here to check it out) and it made me start thinking about gift ideas that I would recommend. I used picmonkey.com to create my own virtual gift basket of what I would include if I had to create my own:

1. Sling Sisters Snack bags-available at my SIL's shop
2. & 3. Earrings made by my talented friend Roberta-available at her etsy store and you can become a fan of Prairie Wire Designs on facebook-tell her I sent you!
4. Peace Shirt from Wild Olive Tees. Truthfully, I've never bought anything from this shop but I've had my eye on this shirt forever...and thought if I was actually giving away stuff, I'd buy one for myself too! I do love Union 28 stuff and should have maybe added something from there instead but not everyone has a spouse to celebrate.
5. Sharpies!! Need I say more?!
6. Art by Kal Barteski-I've bought a few of her mini print sets and they are perfect for gifting.
7. Cherry Coke-My favourite drink ever. 
8. Pampered Chef Mini Serving Spatula-awesome kitchen tool!
9. Iced Java- my morning fuel ;)
10. Camera Memory Card--because you can never take too many photos!!
11. Lush Gingerbread Bath Bomb-Smells delicious and perfect addition to a relaxing bath.
12. RUME reusable bags- I've used mine faithfully for years and they are still in great condition.

What would be in your basket of favourite things??

1 comment:

Tami said...

Very cute! It gives me some great ideas to make Christmas presents this year. My list would have a Coach Bag in it. ;-)

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