Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blogging hiatus

It's been a busy week. I know...what else is new? ;)

I've been a little tired lately and my plate seems very full-even for me. There have been no posts for me for the last 5 days. For the past while, (almost 2 years!!) I have blogged every day. Every. day. I do love it. It's a way for me to recap the day, save some thoughts (memories, stories, funny stuff), and savour my life. I have a good life. Awesome-actually and blogging daily has helped me realize that more fully. God has richly blessed me and I am so lucky.

On Monday, I was exhausted. After computer problems trying unsuccessfully to get my Grade 1 book published on Blurb and problems registering Kaden for his Quebec Trip, I gave up and went to bed early...thinking with going to bed earlier I'd get up a bit earlier and post my Monday's post then...but I didn't (get up earlier) and when I did get up, I got ready with the kids and went straight to school.

Tuesday was our usual after school busy-ness with yearbook right after school, synchronized swimming for Kiandra in the evening, and I had a soup to make because it was our staff "Soup Potluck" and it was my turn to bring a soup.

Wednesday was Halloween. This year Kaden and Kezia decided to go out with their school friends out by our school instead of around our neighbourhood. This meant leaving for school at 7:30 and not coming home until almost 9:30.

Thursday was worship fair prep and soccer practice for Kezia. I also tried (again!) to get my Grade 1 book published but there seems to be a glitch and when I press "Order Book" my whole program shuts off. *gasp* I've been wondering- if the server is on the East Coast and affected by Hurricane Sandy-and hoping that the hours and hours I have spent creating the blurb book will not have to be abandoned to start fresh.

Friday was awesome. It was Worship Fair at our school. What an amazing day. We went straight from school to the Driver's Licensing office where Kiandra picked up her beginner's license! It was a big day for her. Kaden had a Grade 5&6 "Lock In" where he spent the night at the church starting at 6:00. Since youth at the church didn't start until 7:00, Kiandra drove around 2 parking lots for an hour to get a feel for driving. What an adventure! :) When 7:00 arrived, we dropped the girls off and then went home. We could have had a great date night together but opted to come home and veg out and watch some episodes of Lost. (We're working through the seasons on Netflix)

So, that's the recap of the week. Just for you, Roberta, I've gone back and updated the missing posts for each day to catch you up and give you something to read. :)


Sonya said...

Been "missing" you this week. Didn't see your face on any missing person reports, so I figured you were probably ok. ;)

Roberta said...

Your the Best Pamela, I was so edited to see new posts!!!

Roberta said...


~L~ said...

Just wanted to say for the record, even though I don't post comments nearly as often as I want to, I certainly did notice you were gone and missed you :)

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