Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's his name?

I spent some time on Pinterest today and found a pin (of course now I can't find it!!) but it was a picture of a Unicorn and it said something like this: "This is my Unicorn. His name is Stabby" It made me chuckle and when I read it to Conrad, he said it reminded him Kaden's "creative" naming of his stuffed animals. Kaden had a sheep named "Sheepy" and a Puppy named "Pup Pup". Conrad also reminded me of a bear Kaden once got. I found a picture of it (not a good one though). . . it's bear #11:

It's hard to see, but the bear has a bull horn on the front of its blue outfit. When he got the bear, he checked out the picture and immediately decided on a perfect name for his new bear...."Horny". 


Sonya said...

Ha ha ha!!! That's so hilarious!

Janice Penner said...


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