Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snack Bags

My sister in law, Pam, owns an awesome online shop. (click here to check it out!) I had been admiring her collection of reusable snack bags but had not bought any until I saw this great print and then I couldn't resist any longer and I just had to buy these:

So cool! The kids love these bags. One of their favourite uses is for homemade snack mix. We make a trip to bulk barn and stock up on treats. I dump all the different items into a big tupperware container and then the kids scoop it out as needed. The latest snack mix in my cupboard looks like this:

pretzels, shreddies, mini gummy bears, BBQ hoops, yogurt raisins, raisins, puffed wheat, Cheerios, hickory sticks, (you can add any of your favourites!)

The little snack bag is perfect for holding a snack mix. Kezia has brought snack mix and other treats to school in her bags and now one of her friends is buying her own little snack bags too. If you are looking for some "green" lunch/snack bags, you can order some for yourself here. Pam has many patterns that are just freshly stocked including: Airplanes, Black Lagoon, Funky Flowers, Guitars, Kelly, Ladybugs, Lime Scooters, Lotus, Monkeys, Owls, Girls Owls, Pirates, Retro Blue Bikes, Retro yellos bikes, Skater, Swirls Mud. 


Sonya said...

Cute! I own the same snack bag in the same print. Ha ha!

Pamela said...

lol! Why does that not surprise me?!

TammyIsBlessed said...

What a great idea!

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