Wednesday, October 10, 2012

how can it be Wednesday already?

With the holiday on Monday, I'm totally lost as to what day it is! Thankfully, I did remember it was picture day today and dressed (and did my hair!) for the occasion. Not sure exactly why picture day brings such excitement to Grade 1 friends, but today was a terribly chaotic day. 

After school, I stopped in briefly at a baby shower for Roberta and her sweet daughter Imogen. It seems that I have a thing with blocks these days and decided to try to make a name set of them. I think the dark brown should have been a bit darker to match the paper but I think these turned out ok. 

I also attempted to give them a bit of a distressed look but it turns out that modge podge is pretty good at keeping a seal! Imogen also got a mini set of Mabel's labels and the most adorable jean skort. 

I rushed out of the shower early because of Wednesday night clubs at our church. Kezia and Kiandra are leaders and should really be there at was a close one but we got to the church just in time. 

On the way home, I stopped at 3 stores to try and find some Iced Java and couldn't find it! I sure hope it's not discontinued because Iced Java is one of my favourite things to have on the way to school in the morning. 

1 comment:

Roberta and Imogen said...

We LOVE our name blocks, labels and adorable skirt Pamela!!

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