Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hockey begins

Kaden's new hockey team is currently in a pre-season tournament. They had their first game yesterday (I had a tooth pulled in the morning, took Kaden to his out of town game in the afternoon, AND I still managed to get Conrad's birthday supper on the table when he got home after work.) They lost their first game 4-2.

Today was game two and Kaden played defence:

The final score was 8-2 - ouch! They didn't even put up the last goal on the scoreboard for the other team that was scored with 0.2 seconds left. 

They have two more games this week for this tournament and then the regular season will start. 


CC said...

Wow. Hokey is sooooo not on my radar. It's weird for me to see kids playing! lol! I guess that's what happens when I don't live in an icy region??? :)

Anonymous said...


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