Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bible or Balderdash

Every morning, our local Christian radio station hosts a call in game called "Bible or Balderdash" where a selection is read and callers have to identify whether it is from the Bible or whether it is Balderdash. Yesterday, Kiandra called in and won a CD. I wasn't by the radio yesterday so I didn't get a chance to hear her. Today the prize was a Petra CD and Conrad called in and he was the right caller. Kiandra was able to text us in time for us to hear Conrad on the radio.

This was the selection:

"I'm so angry I wish I were dead"

So, is this Bible or Balderdash? (No cheating by using google!!) Do you think Conrad got it right?

1 comment:

LaughingLady said...

Last chapter of Jonah!!

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