Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last Sunday of Summer

We've packed this last Sunday of summer full!

 After church, Kezia, Kaden, and Conrad ventured to a baseball game. Not last year, but the year before, Conrad and Kaden went to a game that ended up being rained out and Conrad told Kaden he'd make it up to him. Then they got gift certificates that Christmas (like a year and a half ago!) and they still hadn't cashed them in. Kezia told Conrad she wanted to take him to a baseball game for Father's day and so they doubled up on today's game and fit it in this afternoon. I love that Conrad now has a camera on his phone and has even started using Instagram to share pics. It's fun to see what he decides to post.
Here are his pics from the game:

Note to Self: Teach Conrad where the flash is on his iPhone!

Then when they returned, we hopped in the van for one last mini road trip. The main reason for the trip was to pick up a package. At the beginning of August, I found the door/drawer pulls online for a smokin' good price. At Home Depot, the price per handle is almost $14.00 (-each!) and because we need 27 of them for our basement cabinets that was going to get very expensive. Online, I found the same pulls for $3.25 (!!) However, shipped them here was going to be an additional $60.00 but to ship them within the US was free and so I shipped them to Pembina Parcel Service (they charge $5.00 to store your package for a month) and waited for the email to arrive. It never did. I ended up realizing this yesterday when I finally checked up on the package and realized it had been shipped on August 10. I contacted the Parcel Pick up service to find out if, in fact, it had arrived. It had. The problem was that there are multiple accounts with my exact name- One is my sister-in-law who gets many packages there for her online business. I even have another friend also shares my first and last name and there must be more of us because there was another client with my exact name. I think it's cool to share a name with others but I guess it is confusing to get packages and not know who to send the email to.  Anyway, since it had arrived...and our Fall is shaping up to be a busy one...we decided to drive out and pick it up.

On our way!

First stop...picking up the drawer/door them!

The girls were very excited for the trip!

We stopped at Menards (I'll post about what I bought on a new addition of "pinned to practice") and then a little stop at Target.

I was able to replenish my cherry coke stock and even picked up some sparkling water that my friend Shaylene just loves. I also bought a pair of jammies that are perfect for Pajama Day at school, some funky duct tape, and scissors on clearout.

We were ready for some supper and while I had my heart set on Paradiso or Qdoba, I couldn't refuse my husband's request to eat at Culver's. He's usually a "same old-same old" kind of guy and if he offers to venture somewhere new, I oblige. Besides, Kezia is not a huge Mexican fan either and so Culver's suited her just fine. 

It was pretty good. I had planned on trying the "Wisconsin Cheese Curds" but they were out of stock. :( Guess we'll have to go there again. Conrad enjoyed their Peanut Butter Cup Custard and the kids and I made one last stop at Target for frozen dippin' dots - yum!

Then it was back home... we were a little worried about crossing the border because at 6:00, when we crossed in, the line was so long! But at 11:00...we were first in our line. We were home just before midnight. 

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