Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flyer Day

Kaden and Conrad do the flyers together every Thursday. (usually Thursday!)  The kids have had their flyer route for years now. Kaden was in Grade 1 when they started and was so short that there were a few houses on the route he could not reach because he was too short. When the girls "retired" a few years ago, Kaden kept the route and now is the sole earner. He has accumulated a sizeable bank account (for an 11 year old) and has been able to purchase some of the things that his mean parents won't buy for him such as a new hockey stick when the old one is perfectly fine or the difference between "good enough" runners and the ones he really wanted. He has also invested in two sets of new wheels (this wagon and one just like it):
 He pulls one and Conrad pulls the other. They divide and conquer and yet they still find time to catch up and talk along the way. I think this is the thing I love most about Kaden having the route: Uninterrupted and scheduled father/son time each week. Kaden is learning responsibility from having the route and he is bonding with Conrad each week at the same time. Win. Win.
 Today was a little out of the ordinary. Usually they do the flyers before school but with not having any after school activities today (and the fact the flyers didn't arrive until late last night and so sorting didn't happen before bed) they did it after school instead. Also, the had a bit of an extra load and so Conrad started the main route and Kaden did the little extra part before meeting up with Conrad. Teamwork at its best. I love my hard working boys.


Sonya said...

That's awesome!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I think it's amazing how long they've done this. Especially with our winters! Kudos to them :)

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