Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A cold night for soccer!

Kezia's team played their 5th game of the playoffs this evening. A win would mean moving to the next round and a loss would mean a battle for second place based on goals for/goals against. Kezia's team didn't let it get to that...they won with a final score of 5-0! So awesome.

The only part that was not awesome was sitting on the sidelines with the cold wind. However, I've been around the soccer sidelines for a few years now and was not ashamed to haul out my winter jacket (despite Conrad's scoffing!) and my big plaid blanket (which Kaden promptly wrapped himself up in!) and so I stayed pretty comfortable. 

Keeping warm watching the game

Kezia's team will play this weekend in the semi finals and if they win, 
they'll move on to the finals. I heard the final game is at 8:00 on a Saturday morning. That sounds like another game to bring the winter jacket to if you ask me!

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