Friday, August 24, 2012

Teen Aerial Danz Camp

What a summer highlight for Kiandra! Four afternoons (we stole Kiandra away to go boating on Wednesday!) of trying out "Aerial Danz" with 9 other teen girls. (It was the largest teen camp they've ever had!) Kiandra loved the acrobatics of doing the routines on the silk.

Here's a video Kiandra made on her new laptop. She is showing off some the skills she learned at the camp. She loved every minute of this experience.

She's hoping that 4 of her friends will be interested in taking a class with her. The studio currently has a beginner teen camp on Wednesdays (which doesn't work for Kiandra's schedule) but the owner of the studio said she'd consider adding a class on Sundays if there were at least 5 students in the class. Sunday wouldn't be my top choice but other days at the studio are full. 

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