Friday, August 31, 2012

Operation Fill the Freezer

It's been a busy two days but the freezer is comfortably stocked for the month of September
...and I even enlisted some child labour for the double batch of meatballs.

Here's what is now in my freezer:

From back (left - right)
mini homemade buns- perfect for school lunches
lemon muffins (I added some 'lemon chips' -think chocolate chips but lemon- 
that I found at bulk barn)

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies (not for school-just my fav!)

cooked ground chicken with spices -based on this recipe (makes supper come together really quick) 
lasagna roll ups (leftover lasagna noodles spread with thick meatsauce and rolled up then frozen. To serve: thaw as needed -perfect for lunches!- and top with sauce and heat.
flower shaped bread slices for lunches (made with this)

meat balls based loosely on this recipe with french onion soup mix (from bulk barn) and flavoured crackers. (made by Kezia and Kaden) enough for 2+ meals
Maple pork tenderloin (froze tenderloin in marinade)
ham and cheese rollups (roll up homemade bun dough with cheese and ham) made in the flower bread tube (see above)
Large Homemade buns (see above)
Lasagna (noodles, sauce below, mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese-in layers)
(not shown) a big batch of spaghetti sauce made in the crock pot

It's not quite a month of food but a good start for sure. I was hoping the big boxes of boneless skinless chicken breast would be on sale this week to do some chicken meals as I am heavily stocked on beef right now. Maybe next week it will go on sale. 

Hopefully, having some of these meals in the freezer will make September go a little bit smoother. I'm bringing back the muffin kids idea -we didn't stick to it as well last year- and this year the kids will choose a freezable baking item to make as long as it can go in the lunch boxes. It can be muffins, mini pizzas, cookies, calzones, will be nice to have a nice selection of stuff to pack each week.


Sonya said...

Nice work!
Someday I will do this. Someday. I actually bought a OAMC book a while back - the thought of using a bunch of new recipes at the same time is a little scary. I think making a list of our favorites I could freeze would be a good start.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Eileen said...

Do you have a link for any of your recipes?

Pamela said...

Eileen- I added the links in-I was being lazy last night, lol! :)

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