Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Once A Month Cooking

For a few years, I was a cohost in the "Cooking on a Budget: OAMC, Make Ahead, Freezing & More" forum on my then favourite website: I loved it. I loved organizing menu plans, trying out new recipes, and helping others out with their questions.

When I returned to school full time, life got too busy to hang out on the forums and around the same time Recipezaar was bought out from the original couple who started the site. It was great news for them and bad news for the rest of us. The site changed ... and not for the better. It was a sad day for me when 'zaar took its final hit and changed even its name and became I still visit the site occasionally but with less time for cooking and baking, it has not been on my frequently visited sites for quite awhile.

This week, I've been thinking about 'back to school' time and realizing that it's about time I got back into the swing of OAMC (Once a Month Cooking). I used to do this faithfully every month and it saved me time and money as a student. I was perusing the old 'zaar threads and found a post from 2007 where I had put together some OAMC plans using some of my favourite recipes. If you have ever wanted to try OAMC, there are some great plans to help you get started still posted on this thread that I started so many years ago. I did my "big shop" this afternoon, after a hair appointment in the morning, and this weekend I plan to fill up my freezer with good stuff for the first few weeks of school.

 I know its so much work to cook for a month, but it is so worth it when it's done. My family eats better, we aren't tempted to eat out, and supper is on the table at a more reasonable time.

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~L~ said...

I've been a little slack on this myself but wake up call happening now that Sean going back to school, I need to get back in this habit, thanks for the post I will likely be using it :)

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