Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not me

I did not put my bright purple shirt on inside out yesterday before heading out for the last few items of my kids' back to school list. Nope. not me. I would never think that the seams looked so similar to the right side out. That would never happen. I would also be sure to realize my mistake BEFORE heading out to Staples and certainly not after shopping around for 20 minutes. I would not have to be told by my daughter that my white "Joe" screen printed tag was clearly visible on my back by my neck. Nope. Not. Me. I also certainly would NOT (because I was wearing a tank top under) find a quiet aisle without any customers and turn my shirt around as my children laughed at the hilariousness of the event. Nope, not me. I would never do that.

I also would NEVER lose the green reading levels folder that should be filled out for each student each term and handed back to the resource room in June. I would never have to turn my classroom upside down trying to find it because I would have diligently filled it out each term and handed it in on time - early even! - long before school ended. I would never have had to admit to the Resource teacher that the folder may possibly be misplaced and would have never had to ask her if she had seen it because that would be so embarrassing! Nope, not me. I also did not find the green folder yesterday in a basket of school stuff under my basement stairs with other items from the beginning of last year. Nope, that would never happen. I would also not have shrieked for joy when I found the folder because I began to think it ended up in a recycling box somehow. Nope, definitely.....most definitely, not me.

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Tami said...

One time I tried a new outfit on in a dressing room. I when changing back, I put my shirt on inside out. My husband or children didn't notice. I was hoping the public didn't either!

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