Friday, October 14, 2011

Unfortunately, Fortunately

Unfortunately, I forgot my mac at school (again!) because I wanted to work on my newest Grade 1 blurb book (which totally rocks!) Fortunately we have an old computer in the basement that (sometimes) works and so I can write this post and put up my bible in a year blog post today.

Unfortunately, this week I found out about 2 families that are planning to divorce this week (which totally sucks!) Fortunately it is another reminder that good marriages do not come easy and that my marriage is important and needs to be a priority.

Unfortunately, three of my kids had to be in three different places last night and even though I am pretty good at multitasking, I have not mastered the art of splitting myself in three. Fortunately, my good friend Leanne offered to drive Kiandra with her daughter to the youth group small group night if I would pick up her other daughter to drive with Kezia to the church for their small group night. This was also made possible by the fact that Kaden's soccer windup celebration was a "drop and dash night" which meant I didn't have to stay at the party which was exactly the same time as the girls' youth events.

Unfortunately, it was darker and colder at this time of the year for Kezia's "rake and run" youth night but fortunately the 9 girls and their 3 awesome leaders were still able to surprise a few neighbourhood families by knocking on their door and offering to rake their front yards as a random act of kindness.

Unfortunately, Conrad always has to work until at least 7 on Friday nights but fortunately with the girls at youth events and Kaden at his soccer party, we could still go out and enjoy an amazing dinner at Inferno's Bistro.

Unfortunately, because we didn't know that we would have a free evening, we didn't make reservations at Inferno's Bistro but fortunately we arrived at a time where someone had just cancelled their reservation and we were seated right away!

Unfortunately, because I forgot mac at school and this other computer was acting up last night, I didn't post a blog post yesterday. Fortunately, blogger offers a "change post date" option and I can still schedule this post to post at 11:59 last night. :)

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