Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sod Turning

Today was a day of celebration for our church. Between our two services, we met outside on the side yard and broke ground as a congregation to signal the beginning of Phase 2 for our church.

Conrad and I still sometimes think of ourselves as "newcomers" to this church but we've been attending here since Kaden was a baby--so 10 years now. Conrad and I met, dated, were engaged, and married at the church we grew up in and changing churches ten years ago was a difficult decision. We were the first of our friends to get married and when we started our family 9 months and 27 days later, we were the first to have children too. Our former church was already lacking in the children area and it was difficult to imagine Kiandra growing up with the same community of church friends that we did. We had been church shopping on and off for church that would surround our kids in the kind of programs such as sunday school and youth group that Conrad and I had grown up with.

August long weekend, 2001, we came to this new church. It had just relocated from their former location and invited people into its spacious brand new building. There were tons of young families and Conrad and I met some of our friends that had previously attended our church and it felt like a good fit right from the start. It was the following Sunday that really solidified our choice because upon waking up that next Sunday morning, 4 year old Kiandra asked "Are we going to the church with no kids or the church with lots of kids?" and we knew that this was the church.

Fast forward to today and the church has outgrown its big new building and has plans to expand to suit its current needs. It's an exciting time and we are thrilled that our kids were able to witness this ground breaking ceremony. To see how our church has grown and the opportunities that it has for the community is exciting. We are so thankful for the families we have met, the friendships our kids have formed, and how God has blessed our time at this church. We are excited to see where God takes this church in the next 10 years.


TammyIsBlessed said...

Of course, one of the biggest "selling features" of our church was that we went there ;) So glad you guys came and stayed!!

Pamela said...

Of course!! We wouldn't have stayed without your family being there! :)

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