Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kiandra's Diving Class

Kiandra has been taking diving for the last few weeks at a new pool on Thursday nights and loves it. They spend some time practicing on "land" where they jump into a "pool" of mats and there is even a trampoline to practice on.

Unfortunately, these photos were from last week and Kiandra missed tonight's class because she wasn't feeling well. It worked out well because then I could stay at school and get some things done around my classroom. Conrad picked Kezia and Kaden up at 2:30 because I had a meeting and then I had a couple hours to putter around and I finally left the school at 7:30. I am thankful for the time to get stuff ready as we move into final assessments before report card time. *Yikes* How can it be that time of year already?!

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